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DNA Customised Skin Treatment

DNA Customised Skin Treatment

DNA Customised Skin Treatment

At Biolite, we pride ourselves in bringing cutting edge Bio science advancements in anti-aging , wellbeing and lifestyle medicine to our clients. . In today’s evolutionary anti-aging industry, we have partnered with the elite Suisse Lifescience laboratory to bring you the very first DNA Genetically engineered skin care treatment available today.

A simple saliva swab test at the clinic, is sent directly to a DNA testing laboratory in Switzerland, which formulates a perosnalised report demonstrating your skin’s true age & its future predictors depending on your genetics. This determines your true gene- expression age. Are you younger or older than your birth certificate age? This simple test will give you that answer.

It is a known fact that everyone’s skin is unique, as are the fingerprints and genetic codes. The biological and emotional life can be read on your skin. Your skin tells us your personal history and how your body is aging.

The over 50 page report is packed with very useful information on how you and your skin will age and what steps you can take to prevent and control the aging process. This knowledge is very useful as the Genes don’t lie!

Along with the report, we provide you with 2 month supply of bespoke skin care products plus a treatment plan created in the Suisse LifeScience lab exclusively for you.

The IDNA Test is ultra-customized. The first and only genetically created anti-aging treatment in the world today. This helps address Specific skin concerns that will benefit the individual with precision anti- aging treatments.

  • There are no trials and errors to begin with as the Genes give us facts and not guesswork
  • It provides you with the right ingredient formulations as part of the treatment plan
  • The precise formulations are created exclusively according to your DNA make up
  • Provides a specific plan with easy to follow steps
  • Prescription strength skinceuticals minus the prescription
  • The products include intelligent anti-oxidant defenses
  • Protects the skin from oxidative stress-related aging
  • It improve the skins biological functioning and attractiveness
  • Improves DNA repair
  • Works as a skin wrinkling protection and barrier
  • Improves cellular barrier and extracellular matrix biological actions- Rejuvenates collagen
  • Fights aging from the inside out
  • Improves hydration
  • Results on the skin will be visible few weeks after using the personalized products
  • Any facials and anti-aging treatments such as lasers, Radio frequencies, ultra sound have 3x more efficacy and long term results

  • Ideal for anyone from the age of 25 upwards when the collagen begins to diminish
  • For those looking for answers & solutions to their skin concerns
  • As an anti-aging prevention plan
  • Problematic skin issues such as rosacea, pigmentation, acne, dehydration
  • To plan your future skin and anti-aging treatments
  • The health conscious
  • As a gift for a loved one
  • Suitable for men & women

  1. Fights ageing from the inside out!
  2. Intelligent anti-oxidant defense!
  3. Protect from oxidative stress-related ageing!
  4. Improve Skin biological functioning and attractiveness!
  5. Improve cellular barrier and extracellular matrix biological actions!
  6. Improve skin biological functioning and attractiveness!
  7. Skin wrinkling protection!

GENETIC ENGINEERING application and biotech allow CLINICare® cliniceuticals to respect your real biological age and the HORMONAL IDENTITY of your tissues, working on the cause of your skin care concerns.


Suisse Life Science scientific team conceive of each CLINICare® cliniceutical as a meticolous and complex assembly, without the slightest limit or constraint, neither in terms of price, nor in terms of active ingredients.!

The HIGH-TECH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS are selected for their efficacy to stimulate the activity of the genes responsible for DNA repair and prevention future damage. Slowing down premature aging. They allow the genes involved in restoring the damage caused to the double DNA helix or to the telomeres to
effectively coordinate cell methabolism. They therefore reduce the damage caused by UV radiation and improves the quality of tissues and their appearance, preventing the appearance of wrinkles
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