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April Newsletter
Apr 01

April Newsletter


Spring cleaning may not be exclusive to just the pantry, at Biolite we like to think of it as the perfect time to prepare the skin for the harsh summer exposure. Early spring is the perfect time of year when skin is most in need of a boost. Having spent the past few months fending off the effects of wind & the cold, it’s definitely ready for a clean sweep.

Ideally spring is the best time to start prepping for the summer. By keeping the outer layer well exfoliated and hydrated during spring, it is better prepared to cope with the sun’s harmful effects.

Here is my top list of treatments for spring:

Advanced Microdermabrasion: A spring clean would be incomplete without a good scrub up. Biolite’s advanced Microdermabrasion is top of our clients list perennially. Here’s what you get -Deep cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, infusion of vitamins, rich anti-oxidant mask, moisturizer, eye gel & mineral make–over.

Dermasweep: sweeps away & polishes the skin with active serum infusion to
produce luminous enviable skin

Peels: great time to peel minus the harsh effects of the summer sun

Dermapen: activates cellular rejuvenation to produce youthful & tauter skin.
Best combined with a deep cleansing & microdermabrasion for maximum benefit.

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Botox makes you look younger. Sold! However Botox has many benefits which has taken it to the popularity levels it has today especially when it comes to dealing with “Excessive sweating syndrome” known medically as Hyperhidrosis.

One of the pleasures of living in Dubai is the endless summer days but the prospect of hot summer weather can be problematic, if you suffer from Hyperhydrosis. In many cases, this condition can lead to embarrassing wardrobe gaffes that cause many suffer to feel self-conscious and result in body confidence issues. Thankfully, help is at hand as our resident Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Omar Aouni El Khalili offers a dream solution. Fusing her expert touch with the renowned brilliance of Botox treatment excessive sweating can become a thing of the past, ensuring you can wake up each morning, smiling at the prospect of another hot sunny day.

Take advantage of this month’s offer. For appointment, call +971 4 346 6641.

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