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Lip Flip: The Lip Augmentation Botox Trend To Know

Find out everything you need to know about the lip flip Botox procedure that gives you lush lips with minimal downtime

With the advent of the Instagram face phenomenon, having fuller lips have become a common signifier of beauty. In recent years the global lip augmentation market size has grown exponentially. Today its a more than 2.2 billion dollar industry that is constantly undergoing changes. One of the latest developments in the lip augmentation industry is the lip flip botox trend. What is lip flip Botox? The lip flip Dubai is a botox trend in which botox is injected in the middle of your upper lip and around the corners of your mouth (if needed). Botox, which is known for its therapeutic uses in medical and cosmetic procedures, temporarily relaxes the muscles around the lips. This causes the insides of your upper lip to flip outwards and upwards, which in turn gives your lips a fuller appearance. Who can opt for lip flip Botox?

People who have very thin lips that disappear when they smile or anyone who wishes to get fuller lips can opt for lip flip Botox. Additionally, since the lip flip Dubai has a temporary effect, therefore, those who just want to see how they will look with fuller lips can choose this procedure before going for a permanent surgery or long-lasting lip fillers. How long does the lip flip Dubai procedure last?On average the effect of this lip augmentation botox trend lasts between eight to 12 weeks. Once you see that the effects of the botox fading then you can get another lip flip procedure to maintain your look. Lip flip Botox vs. lip fillersPeople often think that the lip flip Dubai procedure and lip fillers are the same thing, however, they are very different. The main ingredient in lip fillers is usually hyaluronic acid that is directly injected into the lips. The hyaluronic acid gets absorbed by the body and subsequently adds volume to the lips. However, with the lip flip botox trend, the botox is used to relax the muscles around the mouth so that the upper lip could flip outwards and give you the illusion of having plump lips. Moreover, the lip flip Dubai procedure is less invasive than fillers and has a quicker recovery period. In fact, most people are able to resume their regular activities immediately after the lip flip Dubai procedure which makes it a perfect choice for those who want to get plump lips without taking time off. What is the lip flip Botox process?It is recommended that one should avoid alcohol and not take medicines like aspirin that have blood-thinning properties three to four days before undergoing the lip flip Dubai botox trend. This is because blood thinners and alcohol can increase post-procedure swelling. The lip flip botox trend procedure does not take more than 30 minutes. It has a painless process and hence the doctor does not use any anaesthetic drugs. However, people who have high sensitivity can ask for numbing cream. After your upper lip or corner of the mouth is injected with botox, you might feel slight swelling but it will subdue on its own in a couple of hours. After this, you can resume your daily activities. It is important to note that you will see the full effect of the lip flip Botox procedure within 10 to 15 days after the treatment. One should avoid smoking and not rub their lips for a few days after undergoing the lip flip Dubai botox trend.  To book an appointment, call +971 4 346 6641 or visit us here.

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