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Three Unconventional Botox Uses

Botox isn’t just for your face, it can also effectively reduce excessive sweating, treat chronic migraines, and ease vaginal spasmsBotox is arguably the most popular cosmetic treatment out there today, used primarily to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The ageless injections have millions of faithful clients and each year this number is rising. The majority of Botox uses known to the beauty industry are cosmetic, but there are a number of unconventional botox uses that are now gaining attention. This is because Botox contains the botulinum toxin, which successfully paralyses muscles, and can help treat a variety of problems centred around the nerves and muscles of the body. As the interest in unusual Botox uses grows, we detail three science-backed botox uses that have shown efficient and successful results.

  1. Chronic migraine

One of the most vital botox uses, outside of the cosmetic industry, is in the treatment of chronic migraine. Migraines are extremely common and affect close to one billion people worldwide. According to Cleveland Clinic, chronic migraine is defined as having at least 15 headaches per month, with migraine on at least eight days that lasts for three months. Chronic migraines can cause significant disability and affect the quality of life. Light sensitivity and nausea are often accompanied by the disorder. Medical professionals started looking into Botox for migraines after patients who got the cosmetic treatments informed their care providers that their migraines were getting better. Botox can be helpful in treating migraines because the neurotoxin blocks neurotransmitters carrying pain signals from the brain. According to a study listed on, people who used botox for two rounds reported that their migraines decreased by 50 percent. The pain-free days increased to 70 percent after five treatments. Botox shots once every 12 weeks are advised with several shots given on around the head or neck. You may require more injections in areas where you experience more pain. Results can appear two or three weeks after your treatment begins.

  1. Severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis

Primary axillary hyperhidrosis is a chronic disorder characterised by uncontrollable excessive sweating in the underarms. The cause of the disorder is unknown but it occurs due to overactivity in the sweat glands. This causes an extreme reaction to stimuli like anxiety, exercise, hypertension, or substances like caffeine and nicotine. Botox injections paralyse the muscles and temporarily block chemical signals from the nerves, which stimulate the initial response to the sweat glands. The sweat glands fail to receive a chemical signal hence cutting off the excessive sweating. The injections have shown success in treating primary axillary hyperhidrosis with drastic improvement within two weeks. There are no dangerous side effects of the injections and are considered a safe and durable option to treat the disorder. A study shows that 88 percent of people who took Botox injections for primary axillary hyperhidrosis reported satisfying results.

  1. Vaginismus

Botox uses extend themselves to muscular problems everywhere. Vaginismus is one of the most common problems experienced by women worldwide. It occurs when the muscles of the vagina contract abnormally and cause spasms. This can make sexual intercourse painful and sometimes even impossible. It can also cause difficulties in inserting menstrual products like tampons and cups. The cause of vaginismus is not yet identified and there is no known cure but Botox injections can help with the management of pain. Botox uses for muscle problems have become increasingly common. The toxin paralyses muscles hence preventing them from causing spasms. Multiple injections are required every six months for the appropriate management of pain. The number of injections required will be determined by your aesthetician depending on the severity of your condition.Botox helps relax muscles and prevents pain signals from getting transmitted. The procedures listed have garnered an increasing clientele because of their successful results. The FDA has also approved the use of botulinum toxin for other nerve and muscle-related disorders like cervical dystonia, upper limb spasticity, overactive bladder, cross-eye, and involuntary motions in the eye. There are ongoing experimental trials for other botox uses in treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain as well as the management of acne. The neurotoxin is a highly versatile treatment option and scientists have just started to understand the expansive Botox uses that can be made available to people. Botox is widely known to be a cosmetic procedure but with proven medical benefits, it could successfully cement itself as a mainstay in the medical industry.

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