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December Newsletter 2020
Nov 30

December Newsletter 2020



Dr. Ayad is the pioneer of the 3-Point Rhino, which has become the most popular nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatment in the world. Dr Ayad Harb is a world authority on non-surgical rhinoplasty, performing an astonishing 2500 treatments per year, with patients travelling from all around the world to be seen at his specialist clinics.


Dr. Ayad is a specialist in the nonsurgical correction of complex noses, such as deviation, scarring and collapse after surgery. These treatments are considered higher risk than typical corrections. In the right hands, however, they can be life-changing with fantastic results that help to fade away the physical and mental scars of botched surgery.


I am passionate about facial aesthetics and I see these treatments as a gateway for restoring your self-esteem, personal confidence and unlocking your potential. I believe that every patient should be treated fairly and ethically, with honest advice and the highest quality treatments. I am proud to have a reputation for my open and fair approach, always treating my patients as I would my own family. Noses are my life’s passion! I spend my waking hours, practising and developing my technique, so that your treatment is safe and comfortable, with beautiful, natural results that will surpass your expectations! I am honoured and excited to see you at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai.

Call to book your appointment on 043466641.


If you’re looking for an instant lift and radiant glow……
The Biolite Party Peel is suitable for all skin types, as it works to gently lift the skin. This wonderful bio-revitalisation peel stimulates regeneration and aims to slow down the effects of ageing and promoting oxygenation activity.

The Biolite Party Peel consists of ozonized olive oil. Its main function stimulates fibroblasts with a consequent increase in Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, glycosaminoglycans, making the skin more perfused and oxygenated. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory as the active oxygen on the skin reduces the synthesis of prostaglandin, an acid which in itself promotes inflammation.

For optimum results, we recommend doing this peel in combination with Radio Frequency and Ulthearapy. You can expect mild dryness after 4-5 days. We recommend 4 sessions, 10 days apart.

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