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February Newsletter 2020
Feb 01

February Newsletter 2020


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here’s a quick breakdown of some of our treatments at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic that’ll get you date-ready just in time.

Thanks to a recent wave of adventurous millennials (here’s looking at you, Kylie) getting lip enhancements, the taboo is now bust. Here are all the things you need to know about plumping your lips.

What do they contain?
Lip injections contain hyaluronic acid – a sugar (found naturally in the body) that works by both plumping and retaining water within the lips. Apart from this, they contain a numbing agent called Lidocaine that helps with pain control.

How many syringes should I get for my lips?
With fillers, your end result could be anywhere between soft and plush to big and juicy lips, all of which determine the type of filler you need and the number of syringes. As a rule of thumb, it’s always advisable to inject 1 ml of lip filler per session. If you’re keen on building more volume, you can always build it up to the lip volume you desire.

How long do they last?
The longevity of fillers generally depends on your lifestyle, your age and the brand of the filler used. Top-ups are typically required every four-to-six months to keep the desired result.

What happens during the session?
Initially, the lips are numbed via topical anesthetic and the area is cleansed. Immediately after a procedure, you can expect redness, swelling, pain, and tenderness, which may last around 24 hours. There will be minimal swelling which subsides on day 3.

Avoid blood thinners such as ibuprofen, alcohol, and fish-oil and vitamin-E supplements for two weeks before the session; they up your chances of bruising and bleeding during and after treatment.


Skin boosters or ‘moisture jabs’, work by superficially injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin’s surface. Hyaluronic acid is an integral part of our skin system and it miraculously holds 1000 times its own weight in water! During the treatment, the multiple injections activate the fibroblasts promoting new collagen and elastin formation. This gives it a powerful hydrating and moisturising effect that leaves skin plumper, smoother and more even. The injections also change the light refractive properties of the skin to create a more even complexion.

Who should do it?
If you’re on the lookout for procedures that will restore elasticity to your skin and make it smoother & radiant, skin boosters are a fantastic, non-invasive treatment option. Skin boosters DO NOT fill lines and wrinkles. Skin boosters are perfect for individuals going through menopause, as the drop in estrogen levels contribute to dehydrated and dull skin.

Where can skin boosters be injected?
They can be used to bio-revitalize the skin of your face, neck, décolletage and the backs of your hands.

How often should the session be repeated?
For best results, an initial course of three treatments over 3 months is required for results lasting up to 12 months. Depending on your unique skin needs, 6-monthly maintenance treatments may be required to maintain the results of the treatment.

How is this any different from fillers if they both contain hyaluronic acid?
Unlike traditional dermal fillers, skin boosters are not injected beneath the skin to volumize, contour, or change the shape of your face.  Instead, they are very fine dermal fillers that are injected into the skin to hydrate and improve skin quality.


Vaginal Rejuvenation, or a more modest way of saying whipping your vagina into shape – is the perfect solution to help tighten the vagina, decrease dryness and control stress incontinence (accidentally peeing while running, sneezing or coughing). Vaginal laxity is not something women really talk about. But it’s about time to start a dialogue about female sexuality and wellness.

Why do I need this treatment?
As you grow older and go through certain stages in your life, it is quite common to experience changes in your body. Changes in the vaginal region can be brought on by many factors including pregnancy, childbirth, weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process. Doing the treatment would mean tightening & rejuvenating your intimate area, just like you’d maintain any other part of your body.

What does the radiofrequency vaginal tightening do?
Radiofrequency delivers volumetric heating to your vaginal tissues and muscles, thus tightening the canal and lifting the labia.  Radiofrequency increases blood flow to both the vulva and the vagina hence improving your sexual sensitivity and ability to orgasm. The improvement in blood flow also results in increased vaginal moisture, which could counteract

Am I a good candidate?
If you experience minimal vaginal laxity, you will benefit from this therapy.
If you are nearing menopause or have attained menopause and are suffering from vaginal dryness, you will benefit from this therapy. This therapy when done in combination with Kegel exercises & lifestyle modifications also help with stress incontinence/mild leaky bladder.

How long does the session take?
We generally recommend treating both the labia and the canal. The session takes 30 minutes, is painless and is low maintenance. We recommend you to return in 2 weeks time for your next session for at least 4 sessions. Following this, you can maintain your results every 3 months.

Who isn’t a good candidate?
If you have an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device inserted, the procedure will be unsuitable for you. You cannot have the session while you’re on your menstrual cycle, are pregnant or breastfeeding.




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