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July Newsletter 2017
Jul 01

July Newsletter 2017

BRAZILIAN CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGEON, DR. ANDRE MATTOS will be available for confidential consultations, to perform surgeries and injectable in Dubai on Saturday 5 August to Wednesday 9 August 2017.

Book your appointments now as slots are limited.
04 346 6641 / 050 292 0086.


Liquid Facelift the ultimate lunchtime treat! If you want to keep ageing process at bay but dread the thought of a scalpel, then check out our liquid facelift which offers brilliant results without the pain cost or downtime associated with surgical procedures!

The liquid facelift uses a combination of injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Teosyal coupled with Botox/Dysport, which work together simultaneously and in a complimentary manner to miraculously rejuvenate facial features. This fantastic treatment camouflages the effects of aging, while enhancing areas of lost volume to create more youthful facial contour. The Liquid facelift is an excellent way of accomplishing rapid corrections with little pain and no recovery time, making it perfect for patients who want to achieve instant results, even in their lunch hour!

So if you are ready to have little ‘freshen up’ and look ten years younger contact us today. +971 346 6641.


Looking to cool down during the rising temperatures this summer? We may have the answer to that! The Freeze Facial is a non-invasive procedure works by means of Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”, a trend that has swept the aesthetics industry and has fast become the go to treatment for the A-List.

The treatment involves a comprehensive procedure that is tailored delicately to the needs of each patient for a personalized experience. Each session is conducted by skilled aestheticians offering expert consultation alongside industry-leading technologies and skincare products.

Suitable for all skin types, the Freeze Facial has been proven to diminish pigmentation, acne and literally freezes the aging process amongst multiple benefits.
A revolutionary cryo-mist is then applied systematically, targeting the neck and décolletage area and rapidly chilling the skin to minus 160 C. The outer skin is briefly ‘frozen’, activating increased production of collagen in deeper layers of the skin while at the same time stimulating circulation and promoting better oxygenation of the skin.

The treatment ends with a rejuvenating Collagen mask then additional serum, moisturizer and eye serum is massaged soothingly into the skin, leaving the skin restored and invigorated.

Cryo-facial is on offer this month:
450AED instead of 650AED per session.

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