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July Newsletter 2020
Jul 06

July Newsletter 2020


With summer around the corner and the need to look gorgeous in that bikini, what better time to invest in a few sessions to tighten, tone and lose a few inches around the belly and thighs. Despite working out, there’s always a niggly bit that’s hard to shift or the skin takes that bit longer to tighten up.

In come the array of body contouring treatments which help target stubborn fatty areas, tighten loose skin, flex muscles and reduce cellulite. At Biolite we have devised a regime tailored to target the individual client’s requirements to deliver the optimal results in the shortest time possible.

Our treatments range from fat freezing Lipocryo, world renowned Endymed skin tightening & contouring, Body blitz – EMS muscle contractions – 25 Mins on the abdomen is equivalent to 300 sit ups and yes you can visibly feel and see the results.

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When was the last time you checked your screen time on your devices? During the quarantine period, many of our screen times have rocketed through the roof! Of course we needed social media, Google and news alerts to keep ourselves occupied and connected. Now that we’re all leaving our homes and getting back to civilisation, let’s take a look at all the havoc your devices have wreaked. We’ve got blurry eyes, reduced sleep, and a new kid on the block– The Tech Neck. This refers to new lines, creases and possibly even bands that have creeped up on the neck from slouching forwards for hours. All of us want a smooth and well defined neck devoid of any lines or sagging. Surgery is certainly one option, but let’s take a look at everything else on the table.

The neck is a dynamic structure that requires a different kind of approach and intervention at different age groups. We’ll be breaking down different options and combinations for you, depending on your age. This article is a go-to-guide for you to plan your treatment process.

A) 20 – 40 YEARS OF AGE:

We love seeing clients of this age group coming in to treat their neck. The treatment options for this age group purely focus on building and maintaining the collagen and elastin support of your neck. Treatments done this early save you from developing a turkey neck down in the future.

Solution 1: If you’re looking to lift your neck and improve your jawline.

Energy based machines will provide results over a course of time. Choose this route if you’re keen on developing long-term results that develop over time and multiple sessions. We recommend Ulthera for the neck and jawline to be done once yearly. To enhance and prolong the results of the Ulthera, follow up for a session of Endymed contouring every month. Both these machines work with different energies but what they achieve is a much lifted neck silhouette and jawline definition.

Solution 2: If you’re worried about fine lines and creases on your neck.

Profhilo injections are your safest bet in this age group. You may have noticed some small fine lines or sleep lines in your late thirties and a mild laxity. Profhilo is pure concentrated hyaluronic acid that hydrates and lifts the fine lines – and has long-term anti-aging benefits. A course of Profhilo injections.

(TWO sessions spaced four weeks apart, repeat every 6 months). After your 2nd session of Profhilo, follow up for sessions of Endymed Intensif to smooth out your skin texture and work on your neck lines.

B) 40 – 60 YEARS OF AGE:

Men and women of this age group have begun to notice the slight horizontal lines etched on their neck. You may have noticed your neck shorten with time. Depending on your lifestyle and sun habits, you may also have developed the much-dreaded turkey neck. If you’re skin isn’t extensively damaged, you may still be a good candidate for non-surgical therapies before you take the plunge for a surgical neck lift.

Solution: For lines, creases and bands.

Botox injections for relaxing the neck – helps with the vertical lines and bands. In 10 days you’ll notice softened neck bands and a better jawline definition. Results last for 3 months. Best results are obtained when you combine your session with a course of Profhilo. Remember, Botox only targets the vertical lines! We need Profhilo to keep the horizontal creases away.

Energy based Rejuvenation must be considered as an add-on to Solution 1 at this point and not a mainstay treatment. Your body is still capable of producing and restoring damaged collagen so Ulthera is still quite effective to crank up your collagen and help in preventative anti-aging. Consider Endymed contouring as a weekend booster if you’re planning for a special day. Remember that all interventions up to this point will definitely improve your neck silhouette and texture over the next few months so keep at it religiously.


Although not impossible, menopause, lifestyle factors and sun damage make it quite challenging to achieve great visible results while treating the neck, especially if it’s never been treated prior. Depending on your skin and muscle tone, you could still benefit from Botox and Profhilo injections. PDO short threads are quite amazing to lift the neck along its vectors and act as a collagen replacement. The serious take-home message at the end of this – The neck is a lot more challenging to treat than the face, it’s more susceptible to the effects of gravity. If you think of treating your neck, never forget your neck, back of the hands and décolletage. If you read this, look at a mirror and think your neck is in good condition, then congratulations! Now come down to Biolite so we can freeze your neck in time!

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