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June Newsletter 2017
Jun 01

June Newsletter 2017


With Ramadan round the corner, we decided to ask Dr Mona Mirza some essential questions on how best to manage our skin and diet during the holy month.

How can Ramadan affect your skin over the month?

Fasting is known for a multitude of benefits including improving toxicity in the body which can cause break outs and other skin issues. However, during Ramadan the main concern tends to be Dehydration especially due to the lack of liquids, heat and air conditioning. As a result of this the skin looks dull, and often breaks out.

What’s the best way to keep your skin clear and healthy over Ramadan? Treatments? Diet?

Use the fasting as great way to detox the body. Make sure you break your fast with a warm glass of honey and lemon which will instantly trigger your metabolism as well as cleanse your insides. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and avoid fry ups. Fruit salads and soups are very popular during Ramadan time. Not only will your skin begin to detox, you also lose the inches! Make sure your diet is vitamin rich and nutritionally balanced. Nuts are fabulous for the skin and rich in essential fatty acids. Continue to drink plenty of water between your evening meal and breakfast before you begin your fast.

During Ramadan, you want to opt for treatments which are instantly hydrating, Oxygen boosting therapy, Placenta facial, Suki Organic facial and Dermasweep are all very nourishing. Apply plenty of moisturizer at night to maintain a healthy nourished skin by day. Avoid the sun and if you do splash some water on your face, make sure you reapply the moisturizer.

What specific treatments are you offering over Ramadan and why do these help specifically?

During Ramadan, our most popular treatment is the Oxygen therapy which infuses vitamins into the skin and also maintains moisture. Furthermore, the chilled oxygen boosts blood supply to the skin, making it appear fresh and dewy.  Dermasweep will also be on offer, which exfoliates as well as infuses the skin with active ingredients for instant hydration.

What treatments to you recommend for keeping your body trim and in shape over Ramadan?

During Ramadan, if one isn’t feeling too run down with the lack of energy, the simplest way of looking after your body is with treatments which simply require you lay on the couch while the machines do all the hard work. Lipocryo Fat freezing & The Biolite Body blitz is one such example. A combo of 4 treatments in one, it addresses skin tightening, fat burning, lymphatic drainage and muscle toning in a 60n min session. Guaranteed to loses inches, especially if you use Ramadan as a time to detox.

Any diet tips for body shape over Ramadan?

Use Ramadan as the perfect time to detox. Start with a tall glass of warm water with manuka honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Follow this with a bowl of soup, fresh vegetables and a salad with a virgin olive oil and lemon dressing. The vinaigrette helps to detox the liver, an essential tip for clear, bright skin.

Make it a point to exercise within reason, even a 15-20 min brisk walk daily is sufficient to get your heart rate up and do the necessary work. If you’re feeling peckish at any point, indulge on nuts rich in omega 3.

First of all try to eat something that is full of proteins in Sehr / morning. Eating proteins will try to make up for the food you will be missing the whole day. Avoid carbohydrates thinking that it will satisfy your hunger for long. Carbohydrates burn much faster than proteins. Try to have eggs or protein shake your meal as it will last much long. Secondly, drink as much water as you possibly can at Iftar. Water is essential in order to lose weight. Drink at least two glasses of water before eating your iftar meal and you won’t crave for as much food either.

Don’t rush into your meal due to hunger. Eat slowly. In addition to that, try to avoid sweets & desserts that will add up to your calories and eventually help in gaining weight. Last but not the least; try to avoid late night meals in Ramadan. Maintain small portion of protein to make up for your insulin.


It is a known fact that the eyes can give away ones age. Generally the eyes are the first thing people notice which is a very important aspect of ones’ overall appearance. As part of the  aging process, the shape of the eyelids can become loose & eventually sag making the eye appear ”hooded” as well as changing in colour & tone. We also know that our genes play a part in the way we age as well as environmental factors such as sun exposure which also contributes in the aging process. Unfortunately, excessive, puffy or loose skin can make one appear tired & older than one is. Fortunately, a very simple procedure is at hand. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty (pronounced “blef-a-ro-plasty”) can make the eyes appear more youthful by removing excess loose skin, fat, and loose muscle from  both the upper or lower eyelids. Furthermore often the sagging upper eyelids can obstruct peripheral vision, and hence blepharoplasty can treat the problem by removing the excess skin & expanding the visual field.

Brazilian celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Andre Mattos will be available for confidential consultations and to perform surgery in Dubai on Saturday 5 August – Wednesday 9 August 2017.  Please call to book a confidential consultation as slots are limited – 043466641.

The Secret Weapon for unveiling a Celebrity Complexion

A firm favourite with the cream of the A-list including Madonna, Miranda Kerr, Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt, Oxygen therapy is the most natural way to regain a youthful appearance without chemicals, lasers, or cosmetic surgery. The superb Oxynergy Paris Oxygen Therapy treatment rejuvenates the skin by replenishing lost oxygen and energy and infusing it with a blend of active that will visibly plump out links and wrinkles. As an added bonus, the chilled oxygen boosts blood supply to the skin, making it appear fresh and dewy. With immediate results, the oxygen treatment also continues to work long after the treatment has finished, ensuring skin adopts a firmer, more youthful look.

How will it benefit?

  • Skin anti-ageing-fight against oxidative stress
  • Wrinkles and fine lines- improves firmness, elasticity and collagen density
  • Whitening and lightening-reduces age spots and blemishes
  • Oily skin, acne and open pores –balances skin lubrication
  • Dry skin-moisturizes the skin at the deepest level
  • Sensitive skin-soothe inflammation and redness
  • Deep cleansing-removes pollution and dust
  • Relaxing and pleasure-Exclusive fragrances and textures


Its on offer this month – 750AED instead of 1500AED per session. Call now for a consultation + 971 04 346 6641 / 050 292 0086.


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