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June Newsletter
Jun 02

June Newsletter


Keeping the blessed month of Ramadan in mind we have created a Ramadan special newsletter addressing, skin, body & diet tips. Fasting is known for a multitude of benefits including improving toxicity in the body which can cause break outs and other skin issues. However, during Ramadan the main concern tends to be Dehydration especially due to the lack of liquids, heat and air conditioning. As a result the skin appears dull, and often breaks out. To combat some of the issues here are some tips to help you this month.

  1. Break your fast with a date & warm glass of honey & lemon which triggers an instant detoxing.
  2. Increase your veg & fruit intake & avoid the fry ups, though no Ramadan is complete without it.
  3. Think soups & salads as a starter ultimately consuming less of the main meal.
  4. Drink plenty of water between your evening meal & breakfast before you begin your fast.
    Book yourself in for rich hydrating Placenta diamond facial which works instantly at hydrating the skin.
  5. No stress body treatments guaranteed inch loss & fat removal become very popular. Try our new ENDYMED 3Deep RF for non-surgical body tightening and contouring.
  6. Use Ramadan as a time to detox. Use virgin olive oil & fresh lemon juice
    vinaigrette which helps detox the liver, an essential tip for clear, bright skin.
  7. Exercise within reason, even a 15-20 min brisk walk daily is sufficient to get your heart rate up and do the necessary work.
  8. If you’re feeling peckish at any point, indulge on nuts rich in omega 3
    (almonds) Don’t rush into your meal due to hunger.
  9. Eat slowly, try to avoid sweets & desserts that will add up to your calories.
  10. Last but not the least; try to avoid late night meals in Ramadan. Maintain small portion of protein to make up for your insulin.
Radiofrequency Technology
Deeper heat for excellent results, every time

In a recent Maire Claire article; ‘Fact or Fiction: Can You *Really* Get Rid of Cellulite?’ EndyMed 3DEEP skin tightening treatments were recommended as a ‘good non-invasive procedure’ to get rid of your cellulite once and for all.

EndyMed skin tightening devices use 3DEEP Skin Science, the most advanced RF technology available. 3DEEP Skin Science maximises
efficacy and safety by using multiple sources of energy, which is delivered deep into the dermis stimulating new collagen, or precisely to the epidermis, fractionally resurfacing and renewing it. This state-of-the-art technology is clinically proven to deliver outstanding, natural skin rejuvenation results to the face and body.

To read the full Marie Claire Article:

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