Non-Surgical Procedure for Men

Laser Hair Removal

Ellipse IPL / Laser Hair Reduction

Ellipse IPL hair removal is a popular option to waxing and shaving for everyone, on various parts of the body. Most clients are aged between 20 – 40 years and from a cross-section of society and cultures and tend to focus on areas such as the full face, full legs, and full body. The need to be “hair free” in a city where many spend time on the beach or in the water is becoming increasingly necessary for everyone.

The Ellipse IPL system is able to treat all skin types and tones in one system, unlike lasers. When using IPL, the surrounding skin does not have the potential to get injured. Furthermore, IPL helps to rejuvenate the skin where the light is being emitted, which helps clear up blemishes caused by ingrown hair and scars leaving your skin smooth and shiny.

It is a popular choice of hair reduction and many people are choosing it over laser which can be painful and often ineffective on fine hair and dark skin and has a higher risk of burns and pigmentation.

Generally one requires between 6-8 sessions depending on the area being treated. We treat Beard lines and all parts of the full body.

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