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November Newsletter 2017
Nov 05

November Newsletter 2017


Queen Nefertiti , renowned for her breath taking beauty and striking jaw line, after whom this treatment is named, has always been the measure for feminine beauty. Over the years many have aimed to acquire definition to their jawline in order to attain youthfulness.

With the latest application of botox, we can tighten the loose skin around the jawline, removing “turkey neck” or progressive “Jowls”. Aging around the jawline and the neck are the main reasons why some women look older than they actually are and with this procedure, which we call the “Nefertiti neck lift”, we can very effectively tighten the skin and replace the volume in the area, and can give the appearance that a non-surgical face lift has been performed. So if you have already had some treatments to the face, and you look great, make sure that the tell tale signs of the aging neck and jawline do not give the game away!

Botox Nefertiti is on offer this month: 2500AED per treatment.



Looking for Hollywood’s best kept beauty secret? Placenta Facial is the celebs’ secret weapon for skin rejuvenation & anti-aging; favorite of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Micha Barton, Kelly Lynch, to name a few, & exclusive to Biolite.

So what is the Placenta Diamond Facial? Placenta is the ultimate material of life. It substitutes old skin components for young cells. When these active substances enter the interior of the body and interact with the aging cells, they start the regenerating process of the older cells, which activate metabolism and self-healing.

When the placenta protein extract is applied on the skin it creates a quicker, deeper and lasting effect on the cells. As we use human placenta, the molecular synergy is very compatible and works immediately. This is what allows the treatment to works so quickly allowing the active live substance to propagate healing and rejuvenating.

The diamond facial is effective to treating aging, wrinkled, dull and dry skin as well as acne. The facial also restores elasticity, strengthens capillaries, nourishes the skin and slows down the aging process. Results are visible in 6 – 8 weeks.

An entire Placenta skin care range is exclusively available at Biolite & a botanical version for the faint hearted.

Its now on offer this month:
1500AED instead of 2500AED per session
Watch “Biolite’s Placenta Diamond Facial.flv” on YouTube



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