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October Newsletter 2017
Oct 04

October Newsletter 2017


With our very own Brazilian Plastic Surgeon specialist on board, we are talking Brazilian Butt lifts.

A smaller waist, and a fuller butt, an hourglass figure, some Sexy curves is the most requested procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL sported by many celebrities today.

You may be unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks, whether due to their size or shape or the presence of sagging skin. BBL can enhance the figure with a butt lift procedure. This is ideal for those who have lost weight and feel their buttocks lack fullness & contour or for those who simply wish to improve the appearance of their backsides.

So how does one achieve a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)?
By using your own fat to naturally create and contour the buttocks. The plastic surgeon begins by performing liposuction to remove fat from fatty areas of the body (commonly the abdomen, hips, or thighs), then continues to transfers the harvested fat to the buttocks. To accentuate the area, additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. The Butt lift surgery can be performed on its own or in combination with other procedures such as abdominoplasty and breast augmentation as part of a more comprehensive body contouring plan.

Brazilian celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Andre Mattos, board certified, with over 30 years’ experience in Face & body augmentation.

He will be available for confidential consultations and to perform surgery on 28 October- 1 November 2017. Please call to book an appointment as slots are limited – 043466641.


Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
Breast lifting
Breast Reduction
Facial rejuvenation
Nose Lift (Rhinoplasty)
Cosmetic Eyelid
Botox Applications
Buttocks Implant (Brazilian butt)
Arm lifting (Brachioplasty)
Vaginal rejuvenation (labiaplasty)

Bridging the gap between injectables and surgery, the 60-90 minute procedure eliminates the need for a facelift or invasive methods. This revolutionary new treatment, which lasts a minimum of a year, is the newest development in the aesthetic industry and with over 150,000 patients treated in 2013 the success rate and popularity sees the expansion of Ultherapy worldwide.

This treatment can be done on the full face and neck as well as smaller targeted areas such as the eyes, brows, neck, jaw, decollate and hands.

  • Additional skin firming, tightening and actual lifting is reported to occur over the next 2-3 months after the treatment (and sometimes longer), specifically:

• Elevation of the brow, leading to the opening up of the eye area, reduced hooding of the eyelids, softening of the wrinkles around the eyes, and a more “rested” appearance in general

• A gentle lifting of the skin on the cheeks to a higher, more youthful position, resulting in an overall “ovaling” effect

  • Patients also note a softening of the creases around their nose and mouth and a sleeker, more defined jawline.
  • Reduced pore size and a more even skin color can also be welcomed benefits.

Ultherapy is on offer this month.  Book for a free consultation today!  +9714 346 6641 / 050 292 0086.


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