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IV Infusion & Oxygen Therapy

IV Infusion & Oxygen Therapy

Revival A (Vitamin b & c) Original:

Help cleanse the body of free radical buildup after a long flight or big night out with our specially formulated cocktail containing vitamins B & C, hydrating fluids plus antioxidants. Free radicals make the body feel drained after travelling. This infusion also helps treat common cold/flu giving you the proper hydration and energy for a faster recovery.

Hair Recovery Infusion:

This infusion improves the blood supply to the hair and helps you achieve lustrous locks. It is loaded with a massive boost of Vitamin B complex and Arganine to help stimulate the hair growth by causing the blood vessels around the hair follicle to open up and relax.

Weight loss Infusion:

Generally a large dose of hydration helps to suppress appetite, making you feel fuller for a longer period of time. A combination of vitamins along with Glutamine will help accelerate your metabolism and decrease your craving for sweets.

Max Performance Infusion:

This infusion is ideal for active and sporty individuals. The vitamins and proteins in this IV drip will give a major boost of energy and the antioxidants will help you recover faster from sports injuries.

PMS Infusion:

Rehydrate the body during and after monthly cycle with PMS fluids and hydration along with a boost of amino acids plus Perfalgan to help relieve pain and menstrual cramps.

Beauty Infusion:

With this dose of fluids and amino acids such as Glycine and Glutamine, this infusion is the ideal infusion for all around beauty concerns. The hair, skin and nails will be healthier than they have ever been.

Immune Boost Infusion:

When living in a fast pace city life, it’s often difficult to remain healthy. This infusion is loaded with amino acids called Glutamine and vitamin B and C which provides your immune system the much needed boost to keep you healthy and feeling your best.

Stress Less Infusion:

The Ornithine and Glutamine in this drip will help you feel rejuvenated at the end of a busy work day or after a full day of shopping. These fluids will help you overcome exhaustion and help with a good night’s sleep.

Male Power Infusion:

This exclusive fertility cocktail boosts male potency and helps with ED by boosting the blood circulation. This infusion is loaded with a cocktail of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins plus amino acids called Ornithine and Arganine which has been proven to help overtime.

Sports Recovery Infusion:

This is for the serious sportsman, containing multivitamins and amino acids Lysine and Leucine to help promote the synthesis of muscle proteins and for immediate post exercise recovery.