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3-point rhino

3-point rhino

Non-surgical 3- point Rhinoplasty by Dr Ayad Harb

Can Bad Plastic Surgery Be Fixed?

It might seem like an uncomfortable thing to talk about, but sometimes a plastic surgery procedure may not turn out as you expected causing great stress and a lack of confidence.

If you’re having problems breathing or you’re not happy with the results of surgery nose-job, you may want to consider 3 point rhinoplasty. This popular procedure includes the nonsurgical correction of complex noses, such as deviation, scarring and collapse after surgery to create a more proportional and natural nose shape that brings balance to your face and improves your health and self-image.

The results can be life-changing with fantastic results that help to fade away the physical and mental scars of botched surgery. We have on board the pioneer of 3-point rhinoplasty, Dr Ayad Harb.