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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency


What is Radio Frequency?

Radio frequency technology is FDA cleared to treat facial wrinkles without surgery.

Radio Frequency precisely heats the deep layer of your skin using advance radio wave technology without damaging the epidermis, or top layer. The heat causes the collagen in your skin to contract and tighten. After the treatment, your skin will start to produce new collagen. The result is an improvement in skin quality, firmness and tightness you can see and feel. It also melts the fat on fatty areas and tightens skin (typically around the chin and jaw line). Can be used to treat the skin on the face, including the eye area, abdomen, thighs, hands, etc.

Radio Frequency procedure will typically take about 60 minutes for a full facial treatment. Because Radio Frequency does not require anesthesia or downtime, it fits easily into your busy schedule.

Many have reported seeing noticeable results after the first few treatments, with long lasting improvement for up to 6 months as your skin produces new collagen. Your therapist will recommend the number of treatments that would be most beneficial for you through a course of 6-8 sessions is recommended. It has been proven to provide safe and skin tightening in medical studies. Because Radio frequency is a non invasive procedure, there are minimal side effects and discomfort. Unlike other skin tightening systems, no anesthesia or skin cooling is required during the procedure, so you can return to home or work immediately following treatment.

  • Treating sagging jaw lines
  • Treating loose skin on abdomen, arms
  • Tightens and lifts
  • Treats loose skin around the eyes (droopy eyelids)
  • Reduces smokers lines, and boost collagen around the lips
  • Reduces eye bugs, dark circles and puffiness
  • Lifts brows without wrinkle free injections, when treatment taken on a regular basis
  • Sculpts jaw line by lifting and melting the fat.