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September Newsletter 2020
Sep 12

September Newsletter 2020

This non-invasive laser treatment will leave you with a radiant finish as it smooths out the skin’s surface and irregularities within just one session. The Frax Flash, an excellent option for overall skin renewal, helps uneven skin tone and texture, tightens pores, reduces superficial pigmentation and promotes collagen production. This express 30-45 minute treatment is designed to give you a long lasting glow. We recommend doing this treatment in combination with the Dermasweep for optimal results.

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You may have definitely come across dramatic before/after photographs of fillers being done in the lips, cheeks and jawline to augment and define them. Here’s one of the lesser known uses of dermal fillers – filling out the Hip-Dips and creating a shapely hourglass figure.

Unlike ‘Muffin Tops’ or ‘Thunder Thighs’, Hip dips are seen mostly in people with very low body fat – because the dip gets more defined when there’s not enough fat to round off the distance between the hip and thigh bones. Compared to an old school traditional hip implant or even fat grafting, body fillers results are instant, are cost-effective, and you’ll be awake right throughout the procedure!

We’re not against exercising and filling out your hip dips outwards with muscle mass. This definitely can be achieved through squats, lunges, and deadlifts. However, body fillers are an excellent option for those of you for whom the exercises don’t quite come through.

Hip dip contouring is done over 1-2 sessions and an average total of 6-10 syringes of body filler may be used depending on how deep your dips are. The results last for an average of 8-15 months. You can immediately resume all daily activities right after the procedure, but restrain from exercising for 14 days after. There is a high risk of bruising for 7-10 days, but once that fades away – we know that you’ll be living in your bodycon dresses day and night.

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