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We often hear about how important it is to drink enough water to stay hydrated, and we’ve seen countless supplements advertised to give us that boost of energy and relieve stress. But what we don’t hear much about is how to combat these common health concerns intravenously with IV infusion.

IV infusions allow for a controlled dose of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to reach the bloodstream quickly. IV infusions don’t just deliver hydration and energy, either. They can also help treat illnesses such as blood disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammation.

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How Does IV Infusion Work?

IV infusion, or intravenous therapy, is a medical technique that’s used worldwide. It delivers fluids, medications and nutrition directly into a patient’s vein. The advantage to providing nutrients and vitamins intravenously is that they are directly sent into the bloodstream for a nearly immediate effect. Intravenous therapy is commonly used for rehydration and to provide nutrition for patients who do not or cannot consume enough through supplements and diet alone.

Why Do We Need IV Infusions?

Supplements, a well-rounded diet and exercise can improve our mental and physical health, but sometimes we need a little more. When taken orally, some supplements and vitamins lose their effectiveness because they must pass through the digestive system. This is where IV infusion comes in.

While they’re commonly known for boosting hydration, IV infusions are also known to alleviate inflammation associated with many illnesses and health concerns, as well as the everyday effects of aging and stress. Minerals and vitamins from IV infusions also help boost energy and improve mental clarity.

IV infusions can help on the surface level as well. Hair loss and signs of aging are concerns that affect most of us at one point or another. Antioxidants and nutrients administered intravenously nourish the hair follicles to improve hair growth and boost skin cell renewal, revealing smoother, firmer skin.

Which Types of IV Infusions Are Available?

At Biolite Dubai, we are proud to offer IV infusions from Revitalife compounding pharmacy, Dubai’s leading licensed laboratory specializing in IV drip infusions. Revitalife’s signature IV infusion is the bioMyers cocktail – the original formula for intravenous vitamin therapy.

We offer several different Revitalife IV infusions at our Dubai clinic:

bioZen Anti-Stress and Antioxidant


bioIron Blood Boost and Iron


bioHeart Cardio Support


bioBetic Diabetic Support


bioFit Energy Boost and Fitness Hydrating Support


bioWoman Female Balance


bioGlow Glowing and Radiant Skin


bioGut Gut Healer


bioHair Hair Regenerate


bioImmune Immune Boost and Hydration


bioDetox Liver Detox


bioMemory Memory Boost


bioSignature Vitamin Mix


bioRecovery Anti-aging


Am I a Candidate for IV Infusion?

Patients who meet the following criteria are the ideal candidates for an IV infusion:

  • Have no undiagnosed blood disorders
  • Want to improve their mental well-being
  • Want to improve their physical well-being
  • Want anti-aging benefits 
  • Want to add plumpness and elasticity to the skin
  • Are dehydrated
  • Are prone to stress and anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue from illnesses and other health conditions
  • Have been referred by their doctor for intravenous therapy
  • Want to improve their recovery time from exercise
  • Are recovering from the flu
  • Have red blood cell, hemoglobin or iron deficiencies
  • Suffer from Crohn’s, diabetes or dementia
  • Want improved mental clarity

IV infusions can alleviate many symptoms and conditions. If you don’t see your concern listed, one of our trained medical staff at Biolite Dubai can discuss which IV infusion will help you meet your health goals.

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How Should I Prepare for My IV Infusion?

How Should I Prepare for My IV Infusion?

When deciding which IV infusion to get, it’s important to narrow down your primary health goal. Before your appointment, research IV infusions and make a list of notes and questions. Depending on what you wish to achieve, our trained medical staff can recommend an IV infusion and help you determine how often to come in for treatments as part of an ongoing health plan.

What Should I Expect From IV Infusion?

When you come in for an IV infusion, you can expect the following:

  • Check in to our Dubai office and meet with a nurse or doctor
  • Nurse or doctor will review the infusion being given and offer any last-minute consultation
  • IV therapy is administered with a needle into a vein, usually in your arm
  • The process may take up to 30 minutes and is carefully monitored 
  • Once the infusion is done, you are free to continue your routine as usual
  • Nurse or doctor will recommend when to schedule your next IV infusion based on your individual health goals

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From an IV Infusion?

After receiving your IV infusion, you can expect to feel the effects in the following days. With some infusions, the effects are felt immediately. There may be slight soreness where the infusion was administered that subsides within a few hours.

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Ready To Start Your IV Infusion Journey?

If you’ve decided to further your health goals and be more in tune with your body, then schedule a consultation with one of our trained professionals to talk about which IV infusion is best for you. Call our office today at +971 4 3466641 or fill out our online form to receive a call back at a later date!

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