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Try Non-invasive Facial Contouring With Inmode Evoke

Do you have loose skin? Are you tired of using endless skincare products for tighter skin? If yes, then the Inmode Evoke is the right treatment for you!

The first signs of ageing appear most starkly on the face, in the form of a double chin and saggy cheeks. Unfortunately, these signs can not be effectively hidden with makeup. Besides, after a point, it is hard to retain the elasticity of skin and the tautness of the jowls without cosmetic treatments. The idea of a facial contouring procedure such as a facelift can be intimidating, because it has a relatively high risk of post-treatment complications. However, advanced treatments such as Inmode Evoke are a safer and more effective alternative to facelifts or other surgeries.

What is Inmode Evoke?

The Inmode Evoke is a clinically proven and FDA-approved facial contouring treatment that is available at Biolite Dubai. This non-surgical procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to remove dead skin and fat cells. The heat generated by RF technology increases the formation of collagen, a protein that maintains the elasticity of the skin. It is most suitable for those who want to contour double chins and get rid of buccal fat in a non-invasive manner with minimal downtime.

What makes the Inmode Evoke treatment special?

The RF technology has been successfully used for non-invasively tightening lax skin, fat reduction, cellulite improvement, and wrinkle reduction. However, a common complication with these procedures is the irregular heat regulation that can cause scarring or latent burns. These complications become common when it comes to the face and neck because these areas have thinner skin. However, with Inmode Evoke, this is not the case. This facial contouring procedure, available at Biolite Dubai, has real-time temperature control mechanisms. This allows the cosmetologist to use precise temperature targeting on sensitive areas like the jaw, neck, and lower face. As a result, Inmode Evoke gives great results alongside a very low risk of any potential side effects or accidental mishaps. Additionally, as opposed to laser treatments, the RF technology used in Inmode Evoke at Biolite Dubai is capable of penetrating deeper into the dermal layer, encouraging cell turnover. Besides, the Inmode Evoke treatment can be customised according to the patient's needs and it is suitable for all skin types and tones without causing discolouration. So you can undergo this procedure even if you have sensitive skin. Plus, you can also combine it with other treatments.

What to expect during an Inmode Evoke session?

Evoke Inmode at Biolite Dubai is a pain-free facial contouring treatment. You will only feel a mild heating sensation during the procedure. One session takes about 30 to 60 minutes. On average, three to four sessions are recommended for optimal results. The gap between each session is usually one week. Post the Inmode Evoke procedure, you will notice defined cheekbones and contoured jawlines in a natural-looking way.

Downtime, aftercare, and recovery

Inmode Evoke is one of those rare facial contouring procedures at Biloite Dubai that do not require any downtime. One can resume their work right after the treatment. You do not even have to indulge in any extra aftercare. Just avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure. This way you do not have to miss any working days or reschedule important plans due to the procedure.

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