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Vi Peel

What is Vi Peel?

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin on the face, chest, hands & other areas the VI peel is the treatment for you. Considered a medical-grade chemical peel, the Vi peel treats several varieties of skin conditions including acne, uneven skin texture, uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles, deep to medium acne scars, loose skin, age & sun spots, enlarged open pores and hyper pigmentation, safely and is particular good on medium to dark skin tones unlike many other medical grade peels. The treatment provides a more fresh & youthful look by brightening the overall appearance of the skin and improving the cumulative collagen production. It is also worth noting that The Vi peel, unlike other chemical peels, can also assist in removing precancerous cells.

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How does a Vi Peel work?

A chemically based solution is applied to the skin which assists in removing the upper layer of skin. By doing so this promotes the growth of new skin, which is smooth, more youthful and clear in appearance, while also increasing production of collagen.

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The benefits of a Vi peel over other chemical peels

  • It is virtually pain-free
  • Almost little-to-no down time
  • Peeling I moderate to light and can be masked by using moisturizer
  • It allows you to return to regular activities

Who is the right candidate for a Vi peel?

Fortunately, the advantage of the Vi peel is that all skin types & skin tones are candidates for it. The Vi peel is gentle enough and safe to be applied to manage acne in clients as young as 12 years old, and is safe on darker skin tones considered historically not to respond well to most chemical peel procedures, due to post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, typically Asian, African-American or Latino skin tones.

What is the Vi Peel procedure?

Typically the VI Peel is conducted in a med spa or cosmetic dermatology clinic and can be administered by a dermatologist, licensed nurse, a certified aesthetician or a trained doctor. There is no preconditioning prior to receiving a Vi peel while older procedures for chemical peels, skin preconditioning is necessary. Typically it can take up to 30 minutes for the application on the skin which involves the chemical solution being applied topically. Following which it is left on the skin for 4-6 hours and washed off at home by the client. It is normal for some clients to experience light stinging & tingling during the peel application, which subsides. It is also possible for clients to receive VI peels repeatedly every two weeks without any undue concerns, until the desired results are achieved. However in most cases clients require only one treatment which can be maintained by regular follow up peels three – four times a year for continued skin renewal and luminous skin.

What about the recovery process?

It is common for clients to notice their skin appear red or tan after a Vi peel, which will subside shortly after the treatment. In fact clients can return to normal activities after the VI Peel, so long as the peel solution stays on the skin for up to five hours, and its best to avoid any activities which are strenuous, such as exercise until the client washes the solution off. It is safe to apply make-up prior to and after the peeling process, however avoid wearing make-up while their skin is peeling. Generally, the peeling process usually begins on the third day post procedure and often lasts for a few days to one week. Please note that during the peeling process, clients may experience sensitivity and hence it is vitally important that they avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Application of sun block and moisturizers are advisable during this process, to conceal the feathery skin peeling, if the client is bothered by the appearance of their skin.

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When are results evident?

Results are generally evident within a few days after a client receives a VI Peel. One can expect the results to include a general overall improvement in the texture and tone of the skin including a more youthful, brighter skin tone and a clarity overall.

The VI Peel is effective for treating

  • Dull stressed Skin
  • Open & enlarged Pores
  • Hyper pigmentation & sun damage
  • Active acne
  • Deep to superficial acne scars
  • No downtime

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