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Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment

Spider veins, medically called telangiectasias, are small blood vessels (capillaries) near the skin’s surface that are broken or dilated. These show through the skin as red, blue or purple web-like or squiggly lines. Varicose veins are larger dilated blood vessels that may bulge through the skin and be blue, dark purple or flesh-colored.

Both spider veins and varicose veins tend to develop when the valves within the veins allow the blood to flow backward and collect in the veins. This condition may occur due to lifestyles and occupations that involve standing for long periods, genetics, certain hormonal changes and various other factors.

At Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, we offer spider vein and varicose vein treatment with the Elite+ laser by Cynosure.

Elite+ Laser Vein Treatment

The Cynosure Elite+ laser heats the damaged blood vessels, which causes them to constrict and close. Your body harmlessly absorbs the closed veins, and the blood is re-routed to the healthy veins in the area. 

Many patients see their desired results after a single treatment. Those with large or extensive visible veins may need two or more sessions to achieve satisfactory results. 

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Remove Spider Veins and Varicose Veins for Good in Dubai

At Biolite Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, we can evaluate your vein issues and determine if Elite+ laser is the best vein treatment for your needs and goals.

Call +971 4 346 6641 to schedule your personalized consultation for vein treatment with Biolite today! 

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