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A guided 360-degree integrative health approach incorporating lifestyle precision diagnostics, biohacking and customised therapies. Biolite Healthness is the result of over 20 years of research and experience.

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Aging is the one condition that is guaranteed to affect us all. Rather than to just treat the negative consequences of aging, Biolite Healthness programs proactively focuses on maintaining and enhancing good health, and even reversing age-associated processes.


This removes excess fluid and stimulates the body's lymphatic system

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The Biolite
Healthness Method®

Unlock your full potential at Biolite Healthness, the city’s first day retreat. Biolite Healthness® is your sanctuary for longevity, patient-centered healthcare and vitality.
At Biolite, we have pioneered a unique approach to holistic healthcare. Rather than suppressing your symptoms, our method addresses the root causes of your concerns through comprehensive diagnostic testing. We offer unfiltered access to the most advanced methods in science and regeneration.

Based on decades of research, the Biolite Healthness Method® is an evidence-based model, combining integrative medicine with aspects of conventional care, cutting-edge research and the most advanced technology. This, as a result, delivers optimal results to ensure a longer, happier and healthier life.

The Biolite Healthness Method® identifies scientific accuracy at a fundamental combination of biomarkers within the body, which we allow the personalisation of your treatment plan. These biomarkers determine what is impacting your ageing process from your lifestyle, and also assess your bio age.

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Biohacking Therapies
& Treatments


    Binaural acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains even the busiest brains to slow down mental activity and benefit from deep relaxation techniques. Benefits include:

    • Improved sleep quality and quantity

    • Mood enhancement and stress reduction

    • Increased creativity & concentration

    • Anti-inflammatory

    • Supports treatment of anxiety & panic attacks

    • Helps to reduce signs of depression & chronic pain

    Recommended for: those lacking sleep or suffering from stress & anxiety or lacking focus.


Biohacking Therapies
& Treatments

  • Triple Detox

    A new generation of detox treatments, the Triple Detox iDome combines Far Infrared technology with Plasma and Light, to provide 3 ultra-effective detox treatment methods in one. Benefits include:

    • Scientifically proven to excrete carcinogenic waste and heavy metals

    • Detoxification of the full body

    • Sports and muscle recovery

    • Boosted mental clarity

    • Skin repair & renewal

    Recommended for: inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain and sleep difficulty.


Biohacking Therapies
& Treatments

  • The Cell Gym

    Designed to improve energy efficiency, performance, and recovery. Cell Gym is using specialised breathing mask that will be expose you to an intermittent hypoxic training (IHT). Similar to altitude training. IHT can improve overall performance and conditioning. Benefits include:

    • Increased energy & energy efficiency

    • Weight management

    • Fatigue prevention

    • Improved metabolism

    • Improved overall athletic performance and endurance

    Recommended for: professional athletes, sport enthusiasts, businesspeople and in general everyone with low-energy, fatigue and tiredness.

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Biohacking Therapies
& Treatments

  • Ozone Therapy

    A medical technique aimed at treating pain, inflammation and aesthetic concerns, Ozone therapy uses oxygen to increase regeneration. According to research, when ozone meets blood, the resulting reactions form more proteins and red blood cells, which increase the oxygen supply in the body. Benefits include:

    • Increased circulation

    • Increased cellular respiration, energy

    • Production and nutrient absorption

    • Detoxification

    • Boost immune system

    • Increase energy production in your cells

    • Skin tissue regeneration

    • Increase efficiency of the body's antioxidant enzymes system

    • Reduced acidity and inflammation

    Recommended for: immune disorders, aesthetic challenges, excess fat and cellulite

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The Glossary


The combination of health and wellness, with the aim of achieving health optimisation.

Precision Diagnostics

The combination of health and wellness, with the aim of achieving health optimisation.

Preventive Approach

The aim to detect & prevent lifestyle & chronic diseases before they occur


Improve performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions

Your Journey

Healthness journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with an integrative medicine doctor, IFMCP certified. The examination starts with innovative preventative diagnostic testing and extensive health intake designed to accumulate as much information as possible.

Genetic testing, tracking of functional biomarkers, microbiome analysis are just some of the tests clients do in the process. Based on the test results and through the connection of patterns, the doctor then carefully prescribes next steps in the journey.

The technologies available at the clinic allow for real time tracking of parameters of health and indicate opportunity, timing, and target of intervention, and thus enable clients to take a more active role in their health journey.

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