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Forma Skin Tightening

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Commonly known as the “red carpet mini facelift.” Forma skin tightening has earned this nickname because of its ability to create drastic improvement in a short session time and without the need for any recovery. This makes it the perfect treatment to have right before a special occasion when you need to look your best.

Like other InMode treatments, Forma utilizes the power of RF energy to create a naturally more youthful, tauter and radiant complexion — just the lift you need in a pinch. It is particularly useful at minimizing the appearance of stubborn aging signs like crow’s feet, eye bags, fine lines and saggy skin.

A specially designed medical device is applied to your skin. You will only feel a minor amount of heat coming from the wand, but beneath your skin, the device is working hard to trick your body into thinking it needs to repair the tissue being treated.

What does this achieve? An array of healing factors and proteins being sent directly to the targeted area like collagen and elastin can essentially remove years of aging from your face. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to smooth your appearance and find your glow, Forma is a great option to consider.

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