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Sweat Reduction

We begin to sweat when we get warm as our body’s way of preventing us from overheating. Sweat comes out from our pores and cools the body as it evaporates. 

While sweating is a natural process, some people sweat more than others (a medical condition called hyperhidrosis). Excessive sweating can stain clothes and be embarrassing. When sweat and the natural bacteria on our skin come into contact, it also creates body odor. Therefore, the more you sweat, the more body odor you also have. 

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Botox for Sweating

Sweat reduction treatment with Botox can target the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat produced in the target area. With a single office visit, this Botox treatment can temporarily prevent your body from signaling to your sweat glands that they should produce sweat. 

At your consultation, we will review the potential causes of your excessive sweating and develop a customized treatment plan for your needs. 

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Alleviate Excessive Sweating and Body Odor With Treatment in Dubai

At Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, the premier aesthetic practice in Dubai, we are dedicated to providing the best results for our patients in a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. We understand how excessive sweating can hinder your confidence and overall quality of life, and we want to help relieve any physical or emotional discomfort caused by this condition.

To learn more and see how you can benefit from sweat reduction treatment, give us a call at +971 4 346 6641 to schedule your personalized consultation today! 

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