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A new revolutionary treatment called LipoCryo, Fat freezing can aid in eliminating body imperfections such as a bulging abdomen, love handles and saddle-bags making them a thing of the past. This technology in now available at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, loved by both renowned Olympians and the Hollywood celebrities, is known to create flattering body contours that ensure a renewed sense of confidence in your body.

The fat freezing LipoCryo technology uses cutting-edge cryogenics (liquid nitrogen) to diminish excess fat, which results in a slimmer and toned overall physique. During the 25-50 minute treatment, you can expect a combination of vacuum action and targeted cryogenics (selective cooling) required to crystallize the fat cells (adipocytes) that are responsible for bulges. On completion of the procedure, the denatured fat cells (adipocytes) are eliminated by the body’s natural metabolism process.

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Treatment Benefits

LipoCryo promotes offers a notable and natural reduction of fat tissue but without the traumatic experience of invasive methods such as liposuction. Thanks to the specific nature of the procedure there is no risk of damage to surrounding tissues as can occur with other slimming treatments making it a safer alternative to liposuction in Dubai.

Treatment Benefits
Who can benefit?

Who can benefit?

Unlike rival treatments in Dubai, like liposuction, Lipocryo’s innovative technology allows this treatment to be used on multiple body areas including stomach, back, buttocks and arms. This means that anyone who has unwanted fat deposits on any area of his or her body is an ideal candidate for the procedure.

How many treatments do I need?

Depending on the thickness of the fat tissue and the desired reduction, one to four sessions will be recommended, with 45 days between each session.

Expected Results

With this non-invasive virtually pain free procedure, it is possible to achieve between 3 to 15 mm loss within number of sessions when followed as part of a weight management plan. Depending on the initial thickness of the fat tissue, a reduction of up to 45% of the fatty deposit can be expected. While approximately 40% of the result will be visible after few days, the inch-loss process will continue for more than a month post-treatment, with final results visible after few weeks. Results can be enhanced when a course of radio frequency skin firming is taken in-between sessions to keep the skin firm while the fat is frozen. For optimum results from Lipo Cryo it is vital to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime.

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