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Our Philosophy


We cover a range of treatments; Laser Hair Removal, Lip Fillers to name a few. We provide a scientific approach to skin care that includes prevention and maintenance without surgical intervention allowing us to achieve results that were not previously possible.

For any given aesthetic concern, there is a non surgical medical enhancement solution available at BAC.

Additionally, treatment options are also available which are less invasive than surgery, such as wrinkle free injections for facial folds and lines, collagen injections for lip enhancement and softening of deep folds and creases.

Other Medical grade treatments include Ellipse Intense pulsed light treatment of Acne, Hair removal, facial thread veins and rosacea, plus the latest non-invasive Bio polar Radio frequency e-matrix collagen remodeling for permanent improvement of fine wrinkles, tightening of sagging skin and incredible improvement in deep scars caused by acne or otherwise.

This explosion in medical aesthetic technology has resulted in a market that is flooded with new products, devices and procedures all claiming to be the latest and greatest or the next big thing.

We take great pride in separating the wheat from the chaffí and in offering only those treatments which we feel are safe, result oriented and not associated with prolonged downtime.

As a medical aesthetician my passion lies in understanding the science behind aging and while Biolite is here to provide the clients with solutions, it is my job to insure the best is brought to you!

Mission / Vision

Biolite Aesthetic Clinic is a Healthcare Operator consisting of dedicated and professional employees. Our vision is to be acknowledging by our patients, suppliers and regulators as the leader in our sector. This will be achieved by ensuring that we recruit and train highly Professional staff whose ambitions are to exceed patient expectations. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service to our clients delivering the highest quality of clinical care.

Our Aims

● To understand and exceed the expectation of our patients
● To both motivate and invest in our team and acknowledge their value
● To encourage all the team members to participate in achieving our aims and objectives

Our objectives

● To support each other in achieving patient expectations
● Maintenance of the highest professional and ethical standards
● Rapidly respond to the needs of our team and our patients
● To encourage innovation, ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement