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Commonly known as under-eye bags, eye puffiness refers to the mild swelling of the soft, fatty tissue underneath the eyes. Eye puffiness and under-eye bags are completely normal and quite common, with the most common cause of eye puffiness attributed to aging as the muscles that support the eye area begin to weaken over time. Eye puffiness can also occur due to lack of sleep, poor nutrition, genetics, smoking, allergies and stress, and it can affect both men and women of all ages and skin types. 

While eye puffiness is rarely a sign of serious medical concern, it is still aesthetically displeasing and bothersome to many. There has been a trend in recent years toward at-home lymphatic massage and facial tools such as rollers and cool compresses that can assist in draining the excess fluid that leads to eye puffiness. While these may help reduce eye puffiness and alleviate fluid retention to some degree, these at-home remedies cannot compete with the results offered by professional procedures. Facials with lymphatic drainage, fillers and chemical peels are just a few of the professional aesthetic treatments we offer that can greatly reduce eye puffiness to give patients back a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

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