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Dark circles, also known as under-eye circles, refers to the area beneath the eyes that becomes dull and pale, allowing the blood vessels and darker tissue beneath the skin to show through. While dark circles and under-eye bags are not usually a serious health concern and one that both men and women commonly face, they can be undesirable and make us appear more fatigued and aged than we actually are. Additionally, dark circles are often accompanied by a puffiness beneath the eyes that is the result of a buildup of fluid retention, also known as under-eye bags. 

For some, dark circles are temporary and a result of stress, allergies, lack of sleep or malnutrition. In these cases, adequate sleep, less stress and a healthy diet can alleviate the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness. For others, dark circles are due to genetics or aging, and are the result of a loss of collagen under the eye, resulting to thinner, more transparent skin. In some cases , weight loss may result in under eye hollowness appearing as dark circles.  From over-the-counter eye creams to aesthetic treatments, there are a number of ways to try and reduce dark circles, and with consistent use, these methods can drastically alleviate the appearance of dark circles.

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