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In as early as our 20s, our body’s natural production of collagen begins to steadily decline, inevitably to facial volume loss and hollow cheeks. Collagen is a protein fundamental to healthy, firm skin and is what gives our face the plumpness and bounce we remember from our youth. When collagen production declines, the first place it shows is in our face, and hollow cheeks are just one of many signs of aging that can arise and leave us looking more fatigued and older than we actually are. While aging is the most common cause, other factors may contribute to hollow cheeks including significant weight loss in a short amount of time, smoking and nutrient deficiencies. 

Plenty of at-home treatments and over-the-counter topicals claim to restore volume to hollow cheeks and boost collagen production. None of these methods, however, are proven effective in improving hollow cheeks. Fortunately, there are professional aesthetic procedures that can help reverse hollow cheeks and are effective, long-term solutions. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is used to fill in fine lines and sunken facial tissue. Dermal filler injections are performed by one of our trained clinicians and are a quick, simple and effective option to restore volume and youth to your face. 

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