Non-Surgical Facial Procedure

Fotona Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Reduction

One of the main challenges when performing laser hair removal is the relatively low absorption of laser light in the treated area, especially when the hair is blond and/or the skin is dark.

Using the Avalanche FRAC3® procedure, low energy FRAC3® laser pulses are delivered to the same skin area several times during the same session, causing a gradual increase in absorption of the laser energy in the hair. This leads to effective hair removal even at lower laser parameters than those required when single-pass hair removal is performed, making the treatment much more comfortable, often eliminating the need for cooling.

The Fotona provides the optimal pulse profile, speed, and power for quick and efficient hair removal using super-short FRAC3® pulses as well as standard long pulses. To treat large body areas of various shapes, SOE(Scanner Optimized Efficacy) technology can be used to quickly fill the entire treatment area with uniform energy at high laser pulse power densities, providing fast, precise, consistent and comfortable FRAC3® laser treatments.

The result is a safer, uniform laser treatment without hot spots or energy loss without the pain.

For more details about the process and the number sessions required please call to book a complimentary consultation with our laser licensed nurse.

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Quick Facts

  • fast, convenient & gentle
  • suitable on all skin types
  • no irritated or infected skin, or ingrown hair
  • long-lasting result & suitable for larger and smaller areas

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