Dr Elisabeth Makk

Specialist Internal Medicine
Dr Elisabeth Makk
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Dr Elisabeth has extensive clinical experience spanning over 30 years in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Homeopathy and Homotoxicology. She has widened her clinical experience through Functional Medicine and creates personalized integrative medical protocols for healthy aging and lifestyle management.

After graduating from the University of Rome (Italy) in 1992, with a Degree in General Medicine, Dr Elisabeth went on to become a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist and a Board Certified Homeopath. In 1996 Dr Elisabeth opened her own private clinic, The Pollera Medical Center in Rome, where she worked in association with other specialists to provide quality healthcare to private patients. During this time, she also joined The Fabia Mother Hospital (Rome) as Internal Medicine Specialist and Cardiologist till 2011,when she moved to Dubai.

Dr Elisabeth blends conventional diagnostics with naturopathic treatments stressing Prevention as one of the key factors in optimal health. She practices Functional Medicine which focuses on the person as a “whole” (body, mind, spirit), addressing the underlying cause of disease, and using a system oriented approach which engages both patient and practitioners in a therapeutic partnership. “I enjoy the challenge of a strong patient and practitioner relationship created through detailed explanation as to what is going on in the patient’s body”, she says. “Understanding, will lead the patient to a more motivated approach and participation through the program. This leads to creating personalized therapy programs, including all aspects of lifestyle, to achieve optimal health and healing.”

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