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5 Facts About Non-Surgical Nose Job

Here is everything that you need to know about minimally-invasive rhinoplasty

In 2017, a nose job was the third most common plastic surgery procedure. With time, there have been many advancements in the field of cosmetology. One of those major advancements is the non-surgical nose job, which is also known as the “liquid nose job”.In simple words, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple derma filler procedure that uses hyaluronic acid to temporarily change your nose’s shape. It is most often used by people who want to avoid permanent surgery because of medical or logistical limitations but nonetheless want to even out asymmetry or smooth out bumps and dips on their nose.Here are five facts about non-surgical nose jobs that you must know if you are interested in the procedure:

FACT 1: It is temporary

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, a non-surgical one lasts for a couple of months, depending on your skin and the filler used. For example, the Juvederm Voluma filler lasts up to 18 months, while the Bellafill filler (a collagen injector) stays for a few years. Since it is temporary, a non-surgical nose job becomes less risky. If you do not like the results then you can wait for the filler to fade away. People prefer getting a filler-induced rhinoplasty before undergoing the permanent one.

FACT 2: It has a quick recovery time

On average the non-surgical nose job needs a recovery time of two weeks, while traditional rhinoplasty requires downtime of four to six weeks. In most cases, the only side effects that people experience are sensitivity and redness that gradually subdues in two to three days. In rare cases people experience headaches, swelling, and bruising. A 2019 study observed 150 people who underwent nonsurgical nose jobs and found that only 1.82 per cent of them experienced any complication. Another analysis of 332 non-surgical nose jobs indicates “satisfactory aesthetic outcome and very low incidence of complications”.  In comparison to non-surgical rhinoplasty, surgical rhinoplasty has a high infection rate. Additionally, since it is irreversible, you will either need more surgery to correct any undesired changes or will have to make peace with the result.

FACT 3: It can correct nasal defects

Contrary to popular belief, a non-surgical nose job is not just a cosmetic procedure. In some cases, it is also used to correct nasal defects. Dermal fillers are used to treat large turbinates or a deviated septum. A 2016 study established that hyaluronic acid gels can be employed for the “correction of minor post rhinoplasty defects”.

FACT 4: It needs pre-treatment precautions  

Just because a non-surgical nose job is a minimally-invasive treatment does not mean you do not need to follow some restrictions before the procedure. One should not consume any blood-thinning supplements, such as vitamin E tablets, a week before the treatment. Additionally, you must stay clear of anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or aspirin. Try to increase your vitamin K levels by eating green leafy vegetables—this will reduce the risk of bruising.

FACT 5: It is quick and cost-effective

One of the main facts that contributed to the popularity of non-surgical nose jobs is that the procedure does not take much time. Voluma fillers take just 15 to 20 minutes while Bellafill requires two to three sessions that are spaced out between a few weeks.It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete one session and you get instant results. Aestheticians and plastic surgeons use a formula that already includes the anaesthetic so you do not have to even wait for the anaesthetic to set in.Non-surgical rhinoplasty is cheaper than a surgical one. According to an estimation done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a full non-surgical rhinoplasty plan can cost anywhere between $600 to $1,500. Choosing the correct surgeon for your rhinoplasty is of utmost importance. To book a consultation with our European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Sameer Bassilios Habra, call on 043366641. He's taking bookings for appointments and consultations at Biolite from March 10-19.

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