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A Hassle-free Summer Skincare Routine, Explained

Here are four simple skincare tips to beat the heat

Radiant, dewy skin is what we all dream of, but in very hot months, that can be challenging to achieve. A year long cross‐sectional study found that “high temperature and humidity have a contributing role in pathogenesis of acne and are causes of acne flare”, which means most of us end up walking around with oily, blemished skin during hot summer months. This is why we need a change in our skincare routine as the temperature rises.Just like you replace your summer wardrobe with something lightweight, replace your heavy cream-based winter products with lighter water-based ones. Keep your summer skincare routine minimal and allow the skin to breathe.Here are a few tips that can help you get a hassle-free skincare routine without breaking a sweat:

  1. Use soap-free cleanser
  1. The heat prompts our sebaceous glands to be more active, which leads to excess oil production. More oil means more chances of getting clogged pores and subsequent blackheads or acne. To avoid this, wash away the excess oil from your face. Start with a cleanser that removes dirt and oil but doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture. Cleansers with moisture-retaining vitamin subsets like panthenol are preffered. Biolite’s Hydra Cleanser is one such option. If you have severe or moderate acne prone skin, opt for sulfate-free face washes that have natural BHAs, like salix nigra, and other purifying oils, like wild thyme and peppermint. Biolite’s Deep Pore Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that keeps acne at bay without causing dryness.
  2. Use a hydrating non-comedogenic moisturiser
  1. Contrary to common perception, people do need regular moisturisation during summer. If you deprive your skin of moisture, then the lack of moisture will trigger the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil. This excess oil ultimately mixes with dirt and leads to dull skin and breakouts. Additionally, moisturisation strengthens the outer layer of your skin, known as the stratum corneum, which prevents pollutants from penetrating into your skin. Dermatologists recommend adding a hydrating moisturiser that has ingredients like vitamin B5, which offers nourishment at a cellular level.Hydration is just as important as moisturisation. The summer heat evaporates water from your skin that causes dehydration. Emollients like dimethicone can prevent this. Research proves that dimethicone, also known as silicones “can reduce trans-epidermal water loss by 20% to 30%”. The Aqua Fluid Moisturiser by Biolite is packed with dimethicones. It helps soothe and soften the skin without causing clogged pores.
  2. Never step out without SPF
  1. All skin types need SPF protection to prevent UV damage. Unprotected sun exposure breaks down collagen production and accelerates ageing. As a result, you get fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. In severe cases you can also get solar elastosis, which can only be treated through chemical peels or medically-approved cosmetic procedures. You must always use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.
  2. Exfoliate periodically
  1. During summer your body’s cell regeneration capacity slows down and dead cells start piling up, giving skin a dull appearance. You can shed away these dead cells and clogged pores by exfoliating once or twice every 10 days. But remember, too much exfoliation can be counterproductive as it can cause inflammation and bruising. Choose a scrub with eco-friendly beads that gently scrape dead cells and uncover youthful skin. The Perfect Scrub has polylactic acid, which penetrates through the epidermis layer and sheds the dead skin without being too harsh. It also has ascorbic acid, which stimulates tissue repair and has various plant extracts that soothe the freshly scrubbed skin.

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