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Are you looking For a Subtle Lip Filler to Enhance Lips?

A comprehensive guide to achieving the perfect natural lips with a subtle lip filler

Lip fillers are arguably the most popular aesthetic treatment that is trending in the cosmetic space. Interestingly, post this globalization of lip fillers, there has been a change in the way it is preferred. You can say goodbye to big, overdone lips and instead welcome slightly enhanced, pillowy-like, subtle looking lip filler. The purpose of a subtle lip filler is to enhance the overall features of the face rather than changing it. The industry and people’s preferences are changing now and older standards of beauty are no longer being followed. In light of this, people are looking for more subtle variants of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, to enhance what they already have.

What is a subtle lip filler?

A subtle lip filler, like any filler, is an injectable that is used to plump up the size, shape, and volume of your lips. It makes the lips look plump in a natural way. Earlier, collagen would be used to inject and make the lips look fuller. However, in the recent past, a variety of dermal fillers have been introduced into the market, which are light and ideal for a subtle lip filler.

How to achieve a subtle lip filler?

The best way to achieve a subtle lip filler is with a light hand and the correct injectable. The most popular injectables to give this natural and subtle effect are the ones that are light, soft, and have a hyaluronic acid base. Two of these popular injectables are Restylane and Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and lips. It hydrates, plumps, and shapes the lips with its ability to attract and hold water. This is the best way to ensure your lips don’t look overdone and feel unnatural. hyaluronic acid-based injectables make subtle improvements that enhance the face.

What to ask for when wanting subtle lip filler?

It’s easy! Nowadays, almost everyone going in for lip fillers opt for a subtle lip filler. Just let your medical professional know that you want a light hand and a light injectable for really natural looking and subtle lip filler. You can choose your preferred brand but make sure you do your thorough research before going ahead with the treatment and clinic and/or doctor.

What is the perfect technique to achieve a subtle lip filler?

If you look closely at a lip, there is fullness in the lateral portions of the upper lip on each side. These two sites, along with the central tubercle of the top lip and the two medial lower lip protuberances, make up the five sites for hyaluronic acid injection. A light injection in these sites is the best way to achieve a subtle lip filler. The amount of the filler depends on personal preference but one syringe distributed appropriately is usually the right amount for most people. It gives you an all-over enhancement while still maintaining a natural appearance. You can start with half a syringe and the other half can be injected a week or two later. The best rule of thumb is to follow your lip’s natural shape, and enhance the areas that need a boost.

What are the different brands that help achieve a subtle lip filler?

Some of the best brands with a hyaluronic acid base that helps you achieve light, soft, and subtle looking lip filler are Restylane Kysse and Juvederm Violite. Both have incredible results with supple, soft, and voluminous lips. They are much thinner than other lip fillers and instantly add a natural volume. Using the right type of subtle lip filler is actually key in achieving a subtle look. Make sure to consult with your doctor to see what works best for you.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment of a subtle lip filler works by injecting hyaluronidase into the lips. It is a soluble protein enzyme that is typically used to break down the hyaluronic acid found in dermal filler. The solution works by breaking up the bonds that hold the hyaluronic acid molecules together and encourages the body to reabsorb those molecules in a natural process. It accomplishes this by increasing tissue permeability, splitting the molecular bonds holding the hyaluronic acid together, and promoting the natural cellular processes responsible for its diffusion. The procedure is simple, during the treatment your doctor will apply a numbing cream to the area and lightly inject your upper and lower lip proportionately in accordance with your thickness preference. The whole process takes anywhere between 15-20 minutes. The treatment will be followed by a few days of bruising and swelling. This is completely normal and after it subsides, the full effects are visible.

How long do lip fillers last?

A subtle lip filler with a hyaluronic acid injectable lasts anywhere between 6-12 months with touch-ups. The best part about this treatment is that it can be easily undone and dissolved.To learn more about this treatment, you can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here..

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