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Can You Reverse Your Biological Age?

Are you wondering what biological age is and how to reverse it? Here’s what the experts say!

Have you ever wondered why two people of the same age look so different? It is because we all have two ages, chronological and biological. Chronological age is how long a person has been alive, whereas biological age is how old a person appears to be. You might be surprised to know that your chronological age does not actually matter for your health, longevity and wellbeing. These factors are influenced by your biological age. Research has found that your biological age is a significantly better indicator of longevity than your chronological age.

What is biological age?

Biological age, also known as your health age or fitness age, is a vital statistic that can reveal how old your body appears to be, based on how it functions and how much wear and tear your cells have gone through. Your genetic makeup, accumulated lifestyle choices and other factors including demographics, dietary preferences and exercise routines all contribute to your biological age. 

Is it possible to reverse age?

Do you ever wonder if it is possible to reverse age? While it is impossible to reverse your chronological age, you can reverse your biological age with the right approach. If you take good care of yourself, you can have a biological age of 40, even though you are 60 years old chronologically. On the other hand, if you neglect your body, you might be biologically 60 years old when you are actually just 40. But how do you reverse age and keep your body younger and healthy? You can easily reverse age and restore vitality by making a few changes to your lifestyle. Here’s what the experts recommend:

Get adequate sleep 

Did you know that inadequate sleep is one of the biggest causes of biological aging? If you want to reverse age and restore youthful vitality, we recommend sleeping seven to eight hours every day. Getting enough sleep each night delays the onset of physical aging, improves mental health, and lowers the risk for chronic disease.

Control stress

If you want to reverse age, your first step should be to manage your stress levels. Stress can age you faster than anything else. Excessive stress increases the free radicals — compounds that damage your cells and cause inflammation. It also disrupts cortisol production. Your body releases the hormone cortisol in reaction to an imminent threat, which turns off non-essential processes, including metabolism and executive brain function. Cortisol continuously interferes with your metabolism, cognitive function, muscle mass and other functions when you have ongoing, low-level stressors. As a result, you will age more quickly than you would have in the long run.

Nourish your body

You are what you eat! So, if you want to reverse age, cut back on unhealthy junk and processed food. Aim to eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids as they have a natural anti-inflammatory action. The body converts healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids into anti-inflammatory molecules, keeping your cells young. They are found in avocado, olive oil, raw nuts, seeds and oily fish. Foods packed with antioxidants can also help reverse age. Quercetin is another essential nutrient to add to your diet – it wards off aging and optimizes genetic expression. Foods like onions, capers, apples, kale, berries, broccoli and dill are good sources of this polyphenol. Dr. Amy Shah, Double-Board Certified M.D. and Fasting Expert, also recommends focusing on gut health and consuming an improved diet with more fiber, (probiotics) and polyphenols. She also recommends adding more spices, tea and water into your diet. And exercise is also vital for your gut health. 

Sync your life to the sun

Dr. Amy Shah emphasizes the importance of syncing your life more closely to the sun cycle. If you want to reverse age, it is crucial to get morning sunlight as it ensures the proper functioning of the metabolism. She recommends timing your meals according to the sun cycle, i.e, sunrise and sunset. For improved health, you must stop eating two to three hours before bed. 

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