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Can You Use Fruits For Glowing Skin?

Yes, you can nourish your skin with this natural exfoliant. We tell you how.

We are all familiar with the term ‘enzymes’ as a substance that acts as a catalyst in living organisms, regulating the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without itself being altered in the process. The biological processes that occur within all living organisms are chemical reactions, and most are regulated by enzymes. However, what most people are not familiar with is that there also exist certain powerful enzymes that are sometimes extracted from botanical sources, such as pineapple and papaya, and utilised in skincare products. If you are curious to learn more about fruit enzymes and fruits for glowing skin, keep reading.

What are fruit enzymes?

Fruit enzymes are called proteolytic enzymes and their role is to break down proteins. The upper most outer layer of our skin is made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein. Fruit enzymes work specifically to break down this layer, accelerating the natural skin cell exfoliation process. By gently exfoliating the skin, they instantly reveal visibly brighter-looking youthful skin. There are many types of enzymes found in fruits for glowing skin, but the most common versions include the following:

  • Bromelain: Found in pineapple juice as well as the pineapple stem.
  • Actinidin: Found in kiwi, pineapple, mange, banana, and papaya.
  • Papain: Found in papaya.
  • Ficin: Found in figs.

Other botanicals that contain enzymes include pumpkin, banana, honey, and ginger.

How often should you use fruit enzymes?

Our dead skin cells re-accumulate everyday so ideally, two to three times a week of exfoliation with fruit enzymes should be followed to keep the skin glowing and healthy. Of course, those with super sensitive skin can opt for mild exfoliation, once or twice a week. But regular exfoliation of this kind works wonders for the skin and this step should not be missed in your skincare routine. For a deeper cleanse and optimal use of the enzymes found in fruits for glowing skin, opt for the Biolite Deep Cleansing Facial. The star of this facial is the Biolite enzyme scrub that uses the power of a specific fruit to gently lift off the top layer of the skin while getting rid of blackheads, white heads, dead skin, and bacteria. This leaves you with beautifully fresh, radiant, and youthful skin.

What skin types benefit from fruit enzymes?

While all skin types benefit from these natural exfoliants, they are particularly efficient for those with highly sensitive and mature skin. Fruit enzymes are a great alternative to acid peels and harsh, abrasive scrubs. They can be incorporated into your skincare routine via a cleanser, exfoliator, or mask. They also work instantly without the need for rubbing, which makes them gentler on the skin as compared to beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Why should you incorporate fruit enzymes into your skincare routine?

  • Deep-cleaning and purifying: By effectively removing the build up of dead skin cells that sit on your face, exfoliation with fruit enzymes deep cleanse your pores and outermost skin layer thoroughly, which normal cleansers and facials can’t. The Biolite Deep Cleansing Facial uses the power of fruit enzymes to gently break down and digest large proteins that have accumulated on the skin. The bottom line being, fruits for glowing skin also deep clean effectively.
  • Better product absorption: Potent ingredients and formulations are key to maintaining the efficacy of your skincare routine. When you have dead skin on your face, products cannot be absorbed as easily, if at all. When they are removed by gentle exfoliation, skincare products penetrate into the skin more effectively.
  • Stimulates collagen production and delays ageing skin: Regular exfoliation stimulates synthesis of collagen, which is an important structural protein in our body. Collagen not only helps maintain the texture and firmness of your skin, but also prevents premature ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Fruit enzymes promote faster cell turnover as well, which helps in keeping the skin healthy and youthful.
  • Smooth, nourished, and brighter skin: One of the most important benefits of exfoliation with fruit enzymes is that it smoothens the texture of skin effectively by getting rid of build up and debris. Using fruits for glowing skin, besides exfoliation, also nourishes and hydrates as opposed to harsh scrubs that dry out skin.  The combination of enzymes, phytochemicals, and high beta-carotene content helps to brighten the skin and repair the skin's natural complexion.
  • Anti-inflammatory: The papain found in papaya fruit enzymes is attributed with soothing skin irritations and its anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal ingredient for acne and blemish-prone skin. Its natural and effective exfoliating properties brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells and flaky patches that sit on the top layer of skin.

The Takeaway

Fruit enzymes are a great addition to your skincare routine if you are looking for a more natural exfoliant that will be milder on your skin. If you opt for using enzymes at home, be careful to store these products in a consistent environment to get the most benefit.To book a consultation with our doctors, click here or call on +971 4 346 6641.FEATURED IMAGE COURTESY: Lukas at

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