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Emface vs. Morpheus8: Here’s why Morpheus8 is better

Are you looking for a procedure that would lift and tighten your skin while also making wrinkles less noticeable? Emface vs. Morpheus8–here’s how to make the right choice.

The popularity of radiofrequency therapies is on the rise, and for good reason! You can complete them within an hour, and they are minimally invasive and quick to provide results. These easy radiofrequency treatments are popular among patients because they offer immediate results. But, there are so many treatments in the market, all claiming to be the best. How to choose the right one? For example, Emface is a newly launched needle-free treatment that claims to deliver skin-tightening benefits. Together, with radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation the treatment claims to lift and contour your face without the need for injections. But these claims appear more to be a fad or a marketing gimmick.

Instead of opting for treatments like Emface, we recommend Morpheus8 for more pronounced and long-lasting results. But what exactly is Morpheus8 and how is it better than Emface?

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a versatile skin treatment that gives you a youthful appearance. With the use of subdermal adipose remodeling and radiofrequency radiation, this procedure can remodel and sculpt your face and body, leaving you with lifted and firm skin. It is among the finest techniques for treating aged skin because it combines radiofrequency technology with microneedling for fractional resurfacing, which promotes collagen formation.

What are the benefits of Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 can help you with a plethora of skin concerns. It effectively treats the following:

  • Folds, creases and wrinkles
  • Deep scarring
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Stretch marks
  • Poor skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Deep lines
  • Jowling

Does Morpheus8 give instant results?

The complete results are not immediately evident since collagen development takes a few weeks to months. Even though you may notice some effects right away, they steadily get better with time. The good news is that these results endure for around a year. We recommend quarterly or biannual maintenance.

Emface vs. Morpheus8–which one is better?

Are you looking for skin tightening treatments and wondering which one is better–Emface vs. Morpheus8? Here’s why Morpheus8 is a better solution than Emface to tackle signs of aging:

Can treat multiple skin concerns

Are you confused between Emface vs. Morpheus8? Morpheus8 can treat multiple concerns like wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and texture and even enlarged pores.

More effective

While Emface also uses radiofrequency to tone facial muscles, it is not as effective as Morpheus8.The results are better because Morpheus8 provides cellular rejuvenation at a much deeper level.

Long-lasting results

Morpheus8 offers younger-looking skin that lasts around three to four years. On the other hand, Emface requires more maintenance. You need regular touchups to maintain the benefits of Emface and the results only last around seven to eight months. You are required to get at least four treatments of Emface every year.


Emface vs. Morpheus8–which one to choose? While Emface tightens and lifts your skin without the use of needles, it is not very cheap. Four Emface treatments will cost between $5,000 and $6,000, depending on the location. Therefore, Morpheus8 is a more budget-friendly option that delivers more pronounced results.

If you are looking for an effective solution to treat your aging, saggy skin, you must try Morpheus8 at Biolite. To learn more about Morpheus8, you can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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