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Everything You Need To Know About The Aquagold Fine Touch

Know more about this minimally-invasive and highly-effective cosmetic treatment

In the world of dermatology, several microneedling devices have been introduced. One of the most popular being the Aquagold Fine Touch instrument. This is a dermatologically-approved and clinically-tested skin device that uses 24k gold plated surgical needles to administer customised neurotoxins, fillers, acids, and collagen activators in your skin. In simple words, the Aquagold Fine Touch can be explained as a way of pointedly administering cosmetic portions. The needles used in the Aquagold Fine Touch treatment are as thin as the human hair follicles and penetrate the epidermis layer (first layer) of skin without causing any discomfort. The 0.6 micrometers long and 0.13 micrometers wide needles make minimal tears, which lowers the risk of bleeding or scarring. Also, since the needles are injected perpendicularly, the penetration feels gentler. In principle, the Aquagold Fine Touch machine works like microneedling. However, it is more refined and accurate. It does not have any side effects associated with microneedling such as redness, tears, or inflammation.It is predicted that the Aquagold Fine Touch treatment will soon replace traditional microneedling amongst those who are seeking cosmetic procedures for anti-ageing solutions. A paper published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found “the Aquagold Fine Touch microneedling device, which can also be used to deliver fillers, to be effective”.

Why do you need it?

Aquagold Fine Touch

The Aquagold Fine Touch treatment has many benefits. It can be employed to reduce scars, shrink pores, treat sun-damaged parts, and even out pigmented areas. You will notice visible smoothness and elasticity in your skin texture after just one sitting. These days aestheticians are also recommending it in acne treatments as it pointedly injects sebum-controlling acids in your dermal layer. This skin solution is usually performed on the neck and face, but it has been proven to be effective on hands and chest as well. A recurring problem with microneedling treatments is that they create a frozen effect but that does not happen with an Aquagold Fine Touch device, thanks to the minimally-invasive and targetted dispensation of serums. It is also noted that your skin absorbs creams and lotions more effectively after the treatment. What makes it even better is the fact that one Aquagold Fine Touch session concludes in just 15 to 20 minutes. You need no downtime for recovery before resuming all regular activities. One just needs to use toxin-free sunblock. Those with ultra-sensitive skin will experience redness that subdues by itself in two or three hours or gets controlled by a cold compress. It is advised that one should not use chemical peels or other exfoliating products like scrubs four to five days before the treatment. Sauna, swimming, and steam rooms should also be avoided for a couple of days after the treatment.

How long does the Aquagold Fine Touch effect last?

Aquagold Fine Touch

The effect of the Aquagold Fine Touch micro-injections depends on the substance (mix of fillers, pigment reducers etc) that has been injected. On average, wrinkle relaxers last for three to four months. The more concentrated portions, like dermal fillers, stay on till a year. Dermatologists space out sessions four to six weeks apart if you require more than one session. Also, while some effects are instant, you will be able to note all improvements after 48 to 72 hours. This is because the full effects of regenerative collagen cells take time to surface.

Who is a good candidate for Aquagold Fine Touch?

Aquagold Fine Touch

One thing that majorly adds to the appeal of the Aquagold Fine Touch treatment is that it is safe for those who are in their late 20s and also works for those who are over 50. In other words, it is a preventive strategy for those who are yet to experience signs of ageing and also a cure for those who are struggling with wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines. It works for men and women equally. The only people who can not take the advance of this treatment are those who are either pregnant or breastfeeding. To book a consultation with our doctors, click here or call on +971 4 346 6641.

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