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Exosome Injections for Hair Growth

Do exosome injections really help tackle hair loss? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are exosome injections?

Are you looking for ways to boost your hair growth? You must try exosome injections at Biolite. This revolutionary treatment is an excellent way to tackle hair loss on the cellular level. With exosome hair restoration, a serum containing a variety of growth factors, cytokines and messenger RNA is injected into the scalp, directing the hair follicle cells to start producing new hair. Exosome injections are considered to be an enhanced version of stem cell therapy. They have more growth factors than stem cells, making them more effective at reviving and restoring dormant hair follicles. Exosome injections also have the advantage of being less dangerous than autologous stem cell therapies. These injections are unlikely to result in an autoimmune reaction and can help control inflammatory proteins to improve cell healing.

But what are exosomes? Mesenchymal stem cells involved in cell communication create extracellular vesicles called exosomes. As a result, other cells respond to the exosomes' message signals and alter their behavior. Instead of using stem cells, scientists can now directly deliver these beneficial signalers. Exosomes are extracted using a specialized procedure from human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells. These exosomes' are produced from stem cells and contain a variety of growth factors. Exosomes can transport large amounts of proteins across barriers that cells cannot penetrate because of their small size. This allows them to remain undetected in the bloodstream.

How can exosome injections benefit your hair?

If you want to tackle thinning hair, exosome injections are an excellent option. According to some reviews, exosome therapy is an effective treatment for hair loss and androgenic alopecia. They offer a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Exosome injections encourage natural regrowth and hair follicle activation.
  • Since these injections have healing properties, they can repair tissues and revitalize your scalp with the help of multiple growth factors.
  • This treatment encourages human hair follicles to enter their anagen phase faster, thus supporting the hair development cycle.
  • They also prolong the development stage by sending signals that regularly instruct the hair follicles to grow hair.
  • Another reason you must try exosome injections to boost your growth is that they delay the onset of the catagen phase, during which the hair stops growing, to stop additional hair loss.

How long does it take for exosome injections to start showing results?

Exosome therapy can effectively promote natural hair growth in as little as two to three months. The development of new hair can continue for up to a year, with the most pronounced effects often appearing six months following the start of treatment. Are you wondering how to prolong the results? We recommend waiting three to six months after the procedure before re-evaluating and, if necessary, administering another exosome injection treatment.

Are exosome injections safe?

Exosomes, according to researchers, cannot cause an immune response and cannot become infected with bacteria or viruses. Hence, exosome injections for hair regrowth are considered safe.

Is there any downtime?

Unlike other hair growth treatments, exosome injections do not involve any downtime. You can get back to your daily activities immediately after the treatment. Some people might experience slight swelling, redness or discomfort at the injection site. However, it resolves quickly.

Where to get exosome injections?

If you want healthy and thick hair, try exosome injections at Biolite. Schedule a consultation with us or visit Biolite. You can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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