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Get Summer Ready With Inmode Evolve Tone

Are you wondering how to get a toned and sculpted body for summer? Try Inmode Evolve Tone at Biolite to make all your toned-body dreams come true.

What is Inmode Evolve Tone?

Do you want to flaunt a toned body this summer, but the thought of a surgical procedure scares you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Thanks to non-invasive body contouring procedures, you can enhance the appearance of your body without having to worry about the associated risks or downtime of surgical alternatives.

With Inmode Evolve Tone, you can get into the best shape without any hassle. But what is Inmode Evolve Tone? Evolve Tone is the latest innovation in body contouring and muscle toning. This innovative, non-invasive treatment is designed specifically to strengthen, firm and tone muscles of various body parts. It is a brilliant option for people looking for instant results as this nonsurgical procedure eliminates the need for incisions, sutures, scars, anesthesia, pain medication and recovery time.

How does Inmode Evolve Tone work?

Inmode Evolve Tone is the ideal solution for anyone looking for more definition in their abs and hips, as well as lifting in their buttocks without having to go under the knife.

Did you know Inmode Evolve Tone is equivalent to doing 28,000 muscle stimulations in 30 minutes? You just need to lay back and relax to get a perfectly toned and sculpted body.

Evolve Tone stimulates involuntary muscular contractions by generating electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Up to four applicators stimulate particular muscle groups simultaneously to build muscle strength and refine muscle appearance. The revolutionary technology delivers a uniform heat effect to the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat to achieve the best results and effectively tone muscles.

How many Inmode Evolve Tone sessions are required?

Wondering how many sessions you need to get perfect abs? We recommend a minimum of six sessions, one week apart, to get your body summer-ready. You will notice a clear difference in your skin texture, muscle tone and silhouette following the first Evolve Tone session, with the final results taking shape several weeks or months after the full course of treatment.

Is there any downtime?

One of the reasons why Inmode Evolve Tone is so popular is the lack of downtime. It is categorized as a lunchtime treatment as it is super quick, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, you may feel mildly sore after the treatment, as if you did sit-ups or crunches. You may also notice warmth and redness in the treated area, although these usually go away after a few hours.

Is Imdode Evolve Tone a painful procedure?

You must have heard– beauty is pain. Not really, though! With Inmode Evolve tone, you can get your dream body without any pain. This treatment feels like a series of intense muscle contractions, similar to those experienced during a workout but without effort. During the first few minutes, some patients instinctively smile or laugh as the body adjusts to the rhythm of muscular spasms. In case you experience any discomfort, talk to our professionals so that your treatment can be gradually adjusted to your comfort level.

How long do the results last?

Inmode Evolve Tone results can last for years if patients maintain a healthy and stable weight with frequent exercise and a well-balanced diet. To make your results last longer, we recommend scheduling periodic maintenance visits.

Where to get Inmode Evolve Tone?

If you are looking for a painless and hassle-free way to get your body summer-ready, visit Biolite for Inmode Evolve Tone. Our team of experts will carefully analyze your body goals and customize a treatment plan around your specific needs.

To learn more about Inmode Evolve Tone, book a consultation with us. You can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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