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Here’s Why You Should Try Soma Sleep Therapy

Try Soma Sleep Therapy at Biolite to identify thoughts and actions that cause or aggravate sleep issues with routines that encourage restful sleep

Are you struggling with insomnia? Or, is your stressful lifestyle making it hard to get a deep, uninterrupted sleep? If you are looking for a wellness treatment that offers deep relaxation and rejuvenates your sense, try Soma Sleep Therapy at Biolite. But what is it, and how does it promote better quality sleep?

What is Soma Sleep Therapy?

Soma Sleep Therapy is a deep relaxation treatment that uses the power of acoustic and vibrational therapy to train your brain and help it relax. Clients experience complete relaxation due to this cutting-edge touchless health experience. The brand-new programs combine the positive health effects of sound and vibration therapies designed to deliver specific brainwave frequencies. There’s more! Common benefits of sleep therapy include:

  • Supports the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks
  • Scientifically proven to reduce depression
  • Reduces stress and mood swings
  • Improves quality and quantity of sleep
  • Rebalances autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory effects
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports treatment of PTSD
  • Reduces fatigue, stress and tension
  • Enhances memory and focus
  • Customizable based on clients’ individual needs
  • Rebalances circadian rhythms

How does Soma Sleep Therapy work?

Soma Sleep Therapy is one of the most relaxing and soothing wellness experiences. While on the bed, you receive dual therapy that uses dynamic vibrational therapy to treat your body. You put on headphones to listen to multi-layered binaural acoustic audio programs throughout the procedure. The updated and enhanced programming combines the positive effects on the health of vibration and sound therapies created to transmit specialized brainwave frequencies. Want to get the most out of this treatment? You can combine Soma Therapy with other wellness therapies to maximize its mind-relaxing effects.

What are the different programs offered by Soma Sleep Therapy?

While Soma Sleep Therapy is an excellent way to tackle insomnia, it has numerous other benefits. Check out these four new programs offered by this innovative wellness therapy:

Stress relief

This program targets brainwave frequencies in the 10Hz range and operates in the alpha brainwave category. It produces a profoundly relaxed yet awake state of mind and is highly recommended for beginners.


This program works with the theta brainwave family and has a frequency range of 6Hz. It promotes light sleep, which is frequently associated with REM sleep, as well as dreams, creativity and insight.


If you have insomnia, you must check out this program by Soma Sleep Therapy. The conscious and subconscious minds are turned off when using this program at deep Theta levels (4Hz range) and dipping into the Delta levels (2-3Hz). This program promotes deep sleep, the most restorative phase of your sleep cycle, which is extremely beneficial for people who struggle with insomnia.


This program elevates brainwave frequencies to roughly 40Hz in the gamma band instead of reducing them. The most innovative of the group, this program creates the ideal environment for improved perception, learning, and problem-solving, as well as quick and efficient thinking.

Whether you are dealing with insomnia or want to tackle stress, your mind and body will immediately relax after this quick procedure. The sessions can induce deep relaxation within just 30-60 minutes. Each program lasts 22 minutes.

Are you ready to experience deep relaxation and good-quality sleep? Immediately visit Biolite to try this wellness therapy. If you wish to learn more about Soma Therapy and its benefits, visit Biolite. You can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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