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Introducing BioGlow: A Special Treatment For Expo 2020 Dubai

Try this exclusive treatment for Dubai Expo to achieve a radiant, dewy complexion

Have you noticed that your skin becomes exceedingly dull and dry after a long flight? This is because the air is incredibly dry, and it’s also full of germs. The sun is also stronger at a higher altitude, which increases the risk for sun damage with UVA light penetrating right through the windows. Sitting in flights for prolonged periods of time can also cause water retention. This may make your face appear puffier, especially under the eyes. To combat these issues while keeping in mind the Dubai Expo, Biolite has introduced a special treatment: The BioGlow.

What is BioGlow?

The Expo 2020 Dubai is here! Tourists from all over the globe are flocking to Dubai to attend the Dubai Expo. To make sure that your skin is not dull and dehydrated after the long flights, we have launched an amazing skincare treatment. Biolite has introduced a 60-minute treatment that addresses all the skin concerns of Expo 2020 Dubai travellers. BioGlow combines three extraordinary technologies to give you a radiant complexion:

  • Step 1: The first step of this special treatment for the Dubai Expo involves a deep cleanse with our medical-grade signature Silk Peel Dermalinfusion. It works by sloughing off the dead skin and revealing healthier, younger-looking skin underneath. The dermal infusion uses powerful diamond tip exfoliation while delivering topical nourishment to the skin with vital minerals. It includes a potent vitamin C serum, which helps achieve a radiant complexion.
  • Step 2: This step is aimed at giving you an overall energy and immunity boost with one of our custom IV infusions. A custom cocktail of vital vitamins and minerals are fed directly into your bloodstream through intravenous therapy. It helps ensure that you glow from the inside out.
  • Step 3: The final step makes sure that your skin is healthy and glowing for all the events of Expo 2020 Dubai. It involves Pressotherapy, the quickest way to remove toxins from your body and improve lymphatic drainage. This detoxifying treatment helps with the revitalisation and oxygenation of the tissues. It works by stimulating your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing a specific part of your body to get rid of toxins and excess liquid. The result is slim and redefined legs, stomach, and arms and enhanced skin tone.

To help you be ready for Expo 2020 Dubai, we have added an additional step :

  • LED masks: Flights are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This step is designed to eliminate bacteria from your face to maintain your skin health and help it look fresh, bright, and supple. The LED mask also helps in reversing the harmful impacts of jetlag.

What are the benefits of BioGlow?

Do you want a bright and dewy complexion for Expo 2020 Dubai? Don’t let long flights dampen your glow. Head to Biolite for our Dubai expo special treatment, BioGlow. The treatment has multiple skin benefits:

  • Zero downtime: Do you want a glowing complexion for a special event like Dubai Expo but are worried about the downtime? BioGlow will give you a dewy complexion instantly. And the best part is that you can enjoy Expo 2020 Dubai without any downtime.
  • Long-lasting results: The results are instant and long-lasting.
  • Quick procedure: This amazing treatment requires just 60 minutes to help you get a flawless and glowing complexion.
  • Hydrates your skin: After long flights, your skin looks dull and dehydrated. This treatment infuses your skin with vital minerals and nutrients to give your skin a healthy glow for Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • Works from within This Dubai Expo special treatment doesn’t just focus on outside glow. It nourishes your body from within so that you feel your best while attending Dubai Expo.

Where to get BioGlow?

Biolite has specially designed this treatment for Dubai Expo. BioGlow will help you enjoy Dubai Expo without experiencing any of the negative effects of long flights. To learn more about this Dubai Expo special treatment, you can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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