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Looking For A Skin Tag Removal Treatment? Here's Your Answer

If you have unwanted skin tags or moles, cosmetic radio surgery is the best treatment for you.

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small, painless, and non-cancerous growth on the skin. It is connected to the skin by a small, thin stalk called a peduncle. A skin tag can grow in any shape or size and can appear anywhere on the body. A skin tag or a mole is usually harmless, but get it checked by your doctor to detect any cancerous growth.

Is a skin tag dangerous?

A mole or a skin tag is usually not a cause for concern. These are very common, and most people have about 10-40 moles on their skin. While many people have them, sometimes moles or skin tags can negatively impact self-confidence. Many people don't like the way a skin tag looks or how it causes irritation from clothes. Biolite’s Cosmetic Radiosurgery is a great skin tag removal solution to get rid of unwanted moles or skin tags.

What is the best skin tag removal treatment?

Cosmetic radiosurgery is one of the best skin tag removal treatments available on the market. This skin tag removal treatment is a non-invasive procedure. It helps you get rid of any unwanted mole or skin tag safely and with no pain. In this skin tag removal treatment, high amounts of radio waves are sent through the wand and out of the tip, which target the mole tissue. The intense radio waves cause a process called intracellular volatilization. This process causes the water in the melanocytes to boil and steam, then rupture completely. Cosmetic radiosurgery is extremely popular because of its long list of benefits.

What are the list of cosmetic radiosurgery benefits?

  • Non-invasive

This skin tag removal treatment is completely non-invasive. It gets rid of the skin tag or mole without any cutting or burning of the skin.

  • Multiple moles can be treated in a single session

This skin tag removal treatment removes multiple skin tags or moles in just one session. Since the treatment uses radiofrequency waves for skin tag removal, it reaches areas of the body such as the face or nose that may be difficult to treat using other methods.  

  • Highly effective and safe

This skin tag removal procedure is highly effective. It removes a skin tag effectively and with minimal scarring. It is also safer than traditional skin tag removal procedures. Its simple and delicate radiofrequency shave procedure is performed without crushing cells, causing minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

  • Reduced risk of infection

The risk of infection is reduced significantly with this skin tag removal procedure. The electrode used in the treatment is self-sterilizing while in use. This diminishes the likelihood of post-procedure infection.

  • Little-to-no scarring

Since this skin tag removal treatment uses radio waves instead of heat, it saves more skin tissue. This leads to minimal scarring and even no scarring in some cases.

  • Shorter healing time

Radiowave surgery causes less damage compared to traditional methods. Expect the healing process to be swift after skin tag removal.

Skin tag removal at Biolite

To remove unwanted mole or skin tags, book an appointment with Biolite. The skin tag removal treatment at Biolite uses the latest technology to provide satisfactory results to the clients. Biolite uses advanced cosmetic radiosurgery for a safe skin tag removal experience.Before the treatment, trained professionals will examine your moles and skin tags and customize the treatment according to your needs. Book a consultation with our staff before proceeding with the treatment. To learn more about this treatment, call Biolite oat +971 4 346 6641, email on, and schedule an appointment here.

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