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Pressotherapy: The Best Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Your comprehensive guide to this rejuvenating treatment

Sometimes, all our body needs to revive and rejuvenate is a good detox treatment. The stresses of daily life, along with lifestyle and dietary practices often fill the body with toxins that prevent it from functioning efficiently. Because of this, a detox treatment that revitalizes and oxygenates the tissues is a great way to help your body get on the right track. A manual lymphatic drainage, such as Pressotherapy is an excellent choice if you are looking for a detox treatment that promotes your overall well-being and helps you achieve your aesthetic goals without any harm or long-term effects.Before you consider undergoing a detox treatment, here is everything you need to know about this relaxing and rejuvenating manual lymphatic drainage treatment, also known as Pressotherapy.

What is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy, or manual lymphatic drainage, is a non-invasive and exclusive detoxifying treatment. As the name suggests, the treatment involves an application of air pressure, alternating between decompression and compression on different parts of the body to stimulate lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is an essential part of the circulatory system and is necessary for our immunity. It is made up of a network of lymphatic vessels, which carries lymph fluid. Lymph fluid is made up of white blood cells, fats, and bacteria. The lymphatic system relies on our muscles and movements to drain this fluid. If someone has poor circulation, then treatments like pressotherapy or manual lymphatic drainage can help to drain this fluid. A drainage is aimed to boost the lymph vessels, which carry waste products from the tissues back towards the heart, in order to eliminate interstitial fluid and boost the lymph flow.

How does Pressotherapy work?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a computer controlled compression system, which operates using inflated pumps. This specialized pressotherapy device helps stimulate the lymphatic system. The pressure of the compressed air is pumped all over your body using the device. This makes the pumps inflate and deflate several times. This results in stimulating circulation in the body and massaging the lymph nodes. The treatment can also restore a natural flow in your circulatory system, activating the veins and lymph vessels, and stimulating drainage of any accumulated toxins and metabolic waste.

What are the benefits of Pressotherapy?

There are multiple uses and benefits of undergoing the manual lymphatic drainage. It uses a technique of gentle pressure on different parts of the body that decisively drains the lymphatic system. This, in turn, eliminates toxins and improves overall circulation. Here are the benefits of pressotherapy:

  • Promotes the body’s natural toxin clearing functions
  • Improves circulation and oxygenation of tissues
  • Muscle toning and slimming
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Reduces muscle spasms and body aches
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Minimize cellulite and stretch marks by draining fat, toxins, and liquids that cause it
  • Improved skin texture due to improved circulation and elimination of toxins
  • Improved skin elasticity due to oxygenation that helps with regeneration
  • Boost in energy
  • Enhanced extracellular fluid clearance
  • Reduced bloating and swelling, which in turn promotes weight loss
  • Improved oxygen flow throughout the body
  • Minimized risk of venous issues like varicose veins, tired legs and heavy limbs

Is Pressotherapy safe?

As a manual lymphatic drainage that boosts the body to undergo its natural processes and unblocks vessels for a natural lymph flow, the treatment is considered absolutely safe. It is also painless and non-invasive. However, it is always best to consult with an expert and only undergo the treatment at a reputable clinic to ensure best results. At Biolite, we offer the most exclusive Pressotherapy treatment done by our in-house professionals, for best and accurate results after thorough consultation.

How soon are results visible?

To see a definitive result, persistent and regular pressotherapy sessions are required. However, even just after one session, the body feels significantly improved and energized and you will begin to notice the difference.  

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