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The Benefits of a Custom IV Infusion

A boost of wellness and hydration, explore the benefits of this popular infusion therapy

Our current lifestyle is incredibly fast-paced, making it hard for us to keep track of our health and wellness. In order to ensure that all the essential nutrients and vitamins are going into our bodies at all times, it is imperative for us to follow a nutritious and healthy diet and lifestyle. However, this often proves to be a seemingly arduous task to maintain, in today’s day and age. The custom IV infusion drip therapy is a treatment that has gained popularity in the recent past, specifically for its ability to help keep our health on track in the midst of this fast-paced lifestyle. Through a customised infusion of vitamins and minerals, this treatment is designed to allow the concentrated mix to directly be absorbed by the body. As opposed to taking vitamins via your mouth, where the vitamins get broken down by our digestive tract leaving only partial amounts to be absorbed, the custom IV infusion therapy ensures that high concentrations of vitamins are directly and wholly absorbed into your bloodstream. There are a variety of benefits of undergoing a custom IV infusion drip therapy. It is a fast and efficient way to get your nutrients in and the results are felt almost instantly. The best part is that you can customise the vitamins and trace elements according to your needs and concerns. Here are a few of the most important benefits of this IV infusion:

  • Hydration: The drip therapy helps combat issues related to extreme dehydration, medication side-effects, and sickness. It enables the body to be fully hydrated and restores and revives it in the process.
  • Detoxify: By infusing essential nutrients and trace elements into the bloodstream, the treatment helps flush out toxins in a much more efficient manner thereby detoxifying and purifying our blood.
  • Immune support and wellness infusion: The treatment supports and protects the immune system seasonally, that helps minimise risks of cold, flu, and other infections. By boosting immunity, the therapy also helps get rid of fatigue and low energy levels.
  • Stress relief: This wellness infusion helps minimise stress and anxiety, and increases serotonin and dopamine levels.
  • Maintain and improve skin health: By allowing hydration levels to be at an optimum, the therapy hydrates the skin as well resulting to a natural glow from within. This also helps combat acne, flare-ups, and other skin concerns that occur as a result of dehydration.\
  • Jet lag revival: By infusing the body with hydration and vitamins, the therapy helps alleviate common symptoms of jet lag such as fogginess, aches, fatigue, and dehydration.
  • Faster results than supplements: The therapy is designed in a way that ensures that the nutrients can start working immediately as they are directly pumped into your bloodstream, as opposed to oral supplements. As such, results are also visible in a few hours if not instantly.

The custom IV infusion therapy has multiple benefits with instant results. The individual tailoring of the therapy allows each person to get the maximum advantage out of it in accordance with their concerns and needs. However, it is important to do your research and only undergo the therapy in a reputable clinic with an experienced and qualified medical professional to ensure best results.To book a consultation with our doctors, click here or call on +971 4 346 6641.

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