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The Best Varicose Veins Treatment In Dubai

Varicose veins are no longer a permanent condition. Read on to know about the highly-effective varicose vein and thread vein removal treatment in Dubai.

Are you someone who always wears dark colored stockings or full sleeves to hide your varicose veins? If yes, then you are not alone. Research surveys show that 20 percent of adults experience varicose veins and thread veins at some point in their lives. Luckily, today there are many cosmetic thread vein removal treatments in Dubai that you can rely on.

What are thread vein and varicose veins?

In simple words, varicose lines can be explained as visibly swollen veins that appear over your skin, most often on your legs. While the exact cause for varicose veins is not completely known but some experts believe that they occur when our valves do not function properly and hinder the blood flow that causes them to rouse over. Thread veins, also called spider veins, are thinner than varicose veins as they are made of capillary veins that are thinner. Even though in most cases they do not pose health problems, but since they look like permanent bruises they can be a cause of insecurity or self-consciousness.

Causes of thread veins and varicose veins

Research has shown that spider veins are can be a genetic issue. It is also seen that this condition affects women more than men. Other factors such as being overweight, using hormonal birth control for prolonged periods, having a sedentary lifestyle, and sun damage have also been linked with having spider veins and varicose veins. Though they are largely a non-medical concern for people, in rare cases, they can be symptoms of an underlying circulatory issue.

Treatment for varicose veins and thread vein removal

Many people wish to undergo thread vein removal and seek treatment in dubai. Establishments like Biolite Aesthetic Clinic offer sophisticated and advanced thread vein removal treatment in dubai under the specialised care of highly trained and experienced dermatologists and aestheticians. One of the most effective thread vein removal treatment in dubai has been the one that uses Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL). IPL procedures are less invasive and have high success rates. In recent years there have been great developments IPL based thread vein removal treatments, especially with the advent of Biolite's Ellipse Thread Vein.

How does Ellipse Thread Vein treatment work?

The premise of Ellipse Thread Vein Treatment is based on Intense-Pulsed Light therapy that is performed by an advanced operator that guides the IPL in the right direction.This thread vein removal treatment uses an Intense Pulsed Light operator that carefully and precisely filters light and makes sure that only the correct light wavelength reaches the thread veins or varicose veins. Any possible harmful wavelengths are eliminated with the ellipse Dual Mode Filtering system. The thread veins and varicose veins are made of blood and protein. The heat from IPL is absorbed by the blood’s haemoglobin and converts into heat which in turn breaks the protein walls or thread veins. Once the thread vein is broken it gets reabsorbed into the body and eventually disappears.

How many Ellipse Thread Vein treatments are needed?

The number of thread vein removal treatment in dubai depend from case to case, based on the condition of the thread vein. However, on average one to four sessions are needed. These sessions are scheduled one month apart.

Where can one perform the thread vein removal treatment in Dubai?

The Ellipse Thread Vein Treatment can treat thread veins on all parts of your body including the face, chest, and legs.

Do I need to take precautions before and after the treatment?

One should avoid tanning before and during the treatment because otherwise, your tanned skin will absorb the light that will reduce the effect of the treatment. One should avoid sun exposure use a good sunscreen (SPF 60 or above) for a couple of weeks after the treatment.

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