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The Biggest Aesthetic Trends For 2021

From preventative injectables to probiotics, here’s a rundown on the trends we predict will be big in the New Year

Beauty and aesthetic trends keep changing every year and 2021 is no exception. However, over the past year the pandemic forced us to stay indoors—among other things—and continues to do so, shaping the beauty trends for the next year. Having said that, there is no denying that cosmetic treatments have had a sudden surge of popularity in the recent past. As they infiltrate more people's beauty regimes, there’s more research into new and improved treatments, which are able to treat a wider variety of conditions and concerns. The world of aesthetic treatments is ever evolving, so it is especially interesting to predict what will be trending in the New Year as far as these enhancements are concerned. Here’s a rundown on some of the aesthetic trends we foresee to be trending in 2021.

  1. From alteration to enhancement

For years, there has been a misconception surrounding plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. The subject in itself is not something that is discussed openly and hence, it is difficult to find enough information on it. Even to this day, cosmetic treatments are often looked at under a questioning lens as some assume it ‘unnatural’, since it radically alters the appearance of your face. However, this assumption is far from the truth. The idea of a cosmetic or aesthetic treatment is increasingly becoming one that subtly enhances your existing features. Both clients and surgeons have a realistic approach to the entire procedure, which is done quite organically. Most successful surgeries take place after close consultation with a highly experienced medical professional who focuses on the patient's individual needs with procedures that are custom tailored to the patient’s face and/or body. An expert environment will sculpt the ideal image, so that the results look as attractive and natural as possible, regardless of the procedure.

  1. Preventative injectables

The injectable market has experienced a boom, as more and more people across the globe are either getting into it or repeating it. The reason is simple. It is a fairly easy, minimally invasive procedure that has instant results and lasts over an extensive period when compared with traditional plastic surgeries or skincare products. The age of social media  has made this trend of preventative injectables increasingly common and it is only set to become more popular in 2021. When it comes to prominent signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, prevention is key. More and more millennials are now becoming aware of the importance of injectables to slow down the ageing process.

  1. Men's cosmetology

Male cosmetology is not a new concept, but it is definitely not as common as female. However, in 2021, gender stereotypes should no longer be accepted when it comes to grooming, as aesthetic treatments should not be limited to women. At Biolite, we offer a host of treatments usually available to women, also available to men. Ranging from hair loss treatment to microdermabrasion and men’s medispa, male-focused aesthetic treatments are gaining ground globally. The skin composition of men is significantly different from that of women. Hence, the effects of environmental stressors, unhealthy lifestyle, sleep deprivation, ageing, etc. are manifested in different ways for men. To combat this, a host of treatments catered specifically to men are now trending. Besides grooming, aesthetic treatments are also no longer gendered, as an increasing number of males are going under the needle to take care of their cosmetic needs and preferences.

  1. Probiotics in skincare

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms, outnumbering even the human cells. And a host of these diverse bacteria ecosystems reside on your skin. Research shows that some of these microbes actually promote skin health. However, incessant use of harsh facial cleansers and antibacterial soaps strip your skin of these healthy bacteria or the 'good bugs' consequently damaging your skin's natural bacterial ecosystem. This, in turn, irritates your skin, contributing to issues such as breakouts, eczema, rosacea flares, and psoriasis. This is where probiotics come into the picture, to build back your skin's natural defenses and healthy functions. Probiotics are microorganisms that are similar to the naturally occurring bacteria in your gut. They facilitate numerous health functions, from serotonin production and digestion to increasing resistance to illness and infection. When it comes to skincare, probiotics optimize the healing benefits of our skin’s good bugs. This includes acting as a protective shield against bad bacteria, dialing down inflammation, preventing premature ageing in skin, among other things. Similar to how probiotics treat and prevent issues in the stomach, topical versions are known for their useful effects on the skin by harnessing a surge of good bacteria to help cells flourish. When your skin barrier works efficiently, it can regulate oil production, stay hydrated, and fend off free radicals. Given these benefits, probiotic ingredients in topical skincare products are very much in demand.

  1. Treatments for Zoom face

The pandemic and consequent work from home situations have forced us all to spend unusually long periods scrutinising our own faces on video conferencing apps, the frontrunner being Zoom. We have all analysed our faces from a much more critical angle perhaps than we did before. Aside from helping us stay connected, the rise of video calls has had a marked impact on our self-perception, with many cosmetic professionals citing the “zoom effect” as an explanation for an increase in treatment enquiries. People are becoming more aware of their facial features and appearance as they are constantly seeing themselves on video. This has led to a surge in non-surgical and minimally invasive “tweakments” to enhance and tweak features of your face that you are seemingly dissatisfied with. The period of quarantine exacerbated the desire to refresh the skin otherwise fatigued by constant digital exposure. That being said, even though now may seem like an opportune time to undergo an aesthetic treatment of your choice, it is still imperative to do your research and only go to a licensed and experienced medical professional.

  1. Combination treatments

Combining traditional surgery with non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments to create a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Simultaneously opting for two treatments improves the overall results and creates a uniform appearance, as opposed to enhancing just one feature. For example, lip fillers are often paired with a rhinoplasty because tweaking the lip shape helps balance the new proportions of the face.

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