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Treatment to Try: Bio Radiance

Biolite’s latest skincare treatment for glowing, radiant skin

The secret to glowing, youthful, and radiant skin is always found in a disciplined beauty regime that focuses on periodic wellness and beauty treatments. In contemporary times, scientific research and innovations have led to a kind of advancement in beauty treatments that is unprecedented. The innovations have enabled treatments to surpass ordinary standards and attain a level that guarantees a difference in the way your skin appears externally. At Biolite, we always infuse the latest and most advanced technology with processes that have stood the test of time to allow the client to experience a beauty treatment that is unparalleled. While we ensure that all our beauty procedures ensure healthy and radiant skin after, our latest addition, the Biolite Bio Radiance treatment ensures all that and much more. To begin with, it is a treatment that combats multiple skin concerns and simultaneously restores and rejuvenates the skin to give it a natural radiance and glow from within. PigmentationThe Bio Radiance treatment is ideal for those who have pigmentation such as dark spots, melasma, and marks from acne scarring. The treatment increases blood circulation in your skin. Poor or restricted blood circulation is often found to be the root cause of many skin issues such as dull skin and discolouration. Promoting blood flow to the face helps to combat these issues and contribute to a more even complexion with reduced pigmentation. This is due to the fact that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and also helps flush out cellular toxins—this keeps the skin cells vital and nourished. AgeingThe Biolite Bio Radiance contains active ingredients that provide an intensive, anti-ageing treatment with instant results. They stimulate the defense mechanisms that effectively combat all the factors that accelerate skin ageing. and/or prominent signs of ageing such as expression lines and wrinkles.Reduces poresThe Bio Radiance treatment also helps reduce pores. The occurrence of large pores contribute to increased acne, as pores essentially release oil and sweat. Minimising them helps get rid of excess oil and sebum production thereby keeping the skin healthy.ExfoliatorAt the same time, the treatment also includes actives that have exfoliating properties. This ensures deep skin cleansing and removal of any dead cells. With the results being instantly visible, you can expect to see immediate results. During the treatment sessions itself, you will notice your skin becoming visibly younger, smoother, and more even. Biolite is always one step ahead in effectively utilising the optimal scientific advancement in beauty treatments. Hence, the second step to the Bio Radiance treatment includes the use of the Dermapen in combination with hyaluronic acid. A Dermapen is essentially a skin micro-needling treatment that works by puncturing the skin through a spring-loaded automated function. The micro-needles move up and down across the skin, pricking tiny holes with its movement. This mechanism stimulates collagen production in the skin and the holes allow for the hyaluronic acid to be absorbed even in the deepest layers. With the Dermapen, hyaluronic acid is effectively distributed, allowing the deepest layers of the skin to absorb it and its associated benefits. The whole procedure ensures no damage to the dermal layer of the skin so it is completely safe. The full Bio Radiance treatment takes about 60 minutes and the results are visible instantly.  Please note that before going ahead with any treatment, all clients must have a consultation with one of our licensed professionals to assess suitability for each treatment. Depending on your skin, you may need a combination of treatments. Results are subjective and are based on the number of treatments taken at regular intervals.FEATURED IMAGE COURTESY: Benzoix @Freepik

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