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Where To Go For PICO Genesis in Dubai

Do you want to get rid of hyperpigmentation and melasma and finally get flawless skin? PICO Genesis is the solution for all forms of hyperpigmentation and melasma on the skin.

What is PICO Genesis?

PICO Genesis is one of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation in the beauty industry. Every celebrity who has tried it has vouched for it and it’s every beauty expert's favourite procedure to treat darkening skin. It is a laser procedure and is one of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation like sun spots, age spots, and darkening around the mouth, as well as hormonal causes of pigmentation such as melasma. It works effectively at reducing hyperpigmentation and melasma, leaving you with a bright, radiant, and even-toned complexion. And now, PICO Genesis in Dubai is finally available!

How does PICO Genesis work?

PICO Genesis uses three highly-effective wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to cause an intense, non-thermal, photo mechanical disruption and remodeling of the upper dermis. Pigment particles are very sensitive to heat, which is why none of the traditional laser treatments work on pigmentation. PICO Genesis uses a non-thermal laser to break down the pigmentation, which is why it does not cause any harm to the surrounding tissues. It is the best treatment to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma and is gentle on the skin, highly-effective, works on all skin tones, and delivers long-lasting results.

What does PICO Genesis treat?

Around 40% of the population is vulnerable to hyperpigmentation and other pigmentary concerns. Of this number, 71% are looking for options to improve the tone of their skin. In warm, sunny weather, pigmentation tends to be even higher, heightening darker patches of skin, as the sun can cause a significant increase in the production of melanin. Because of the climate, using PICO Genesis in Dubai is the best solution for reducing hyperpigmentation such as age spots, sun spots, melasma from pregnancy and other hormonal changes, pigmented lesions, and an overall uneven skin tone that may be caused by the sun or other environmental or health factors.

Why choose PICO Genesis?

What sets PICO Genesis apart from other skin treatments is that unlike other treatments, which have long recovery times, PICO Genesis is non-surgical, non-invasive, virtually painless, has no downtime and is suitable for all skin tones. The treatment is also said to have almost no adverse effects. The results are seen much faster than the traditional approaches and fewer sessions are required to get an even complexion. The process takes no more than 20 minutes and within two weeks you can see improvement in the skin. The treatment is also called the “20-minute miracle”. While PICO Genesis is one of the best treatments to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma, it also helps to build collagen, making your skin appear much younger and firmer post-treatment. If you take measures to prevent further sun damage after the treatment, the results of PICO Genesis are almost permanent. The treatment is also customised according to the need and skin type of the patient.

Where to get PICO Genesis in Dubai?

Biolite Aesthetic Clinic is Dubai’s, award-winning clinic that offers the best aesthetic treatments, including PICO Genesis in Dubai. With hyperpigmentation and melasma being two of the most common skin concerns, getting PICO Genesis in Dubai at Biolite is one of the best treatments to treat pigmentation of all kinds. It will help significantly reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma, and any other dark patches or spots on your skin, leaving you with a bright and flawless complexion. You can speak to us on +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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