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Green Peel

Green Peel


Green Peel

The herbal peeling is a medically developed, biological method for plant based skin peeling.

This pure mixture of plants free of chemical additives whatsoever accelerates blood circulation to the treated area and effects peeling of the upper skin layers.

The intensified circulation activates skin metabolism and purification of the skin.

During the special massage with the green peel herb mixture carried out in the clinic, a slight abrasion of the upper skin layer is achieved. Thus, the growth zone of the skin is stimulated to generate new cells which results in a visible regeneration of the skin. After the treatment has been done, the skin is well circulated and a slight sensation is felt as experienced with minor sunburn. After three to four days, the old skin peels off.

The 5th day is the appointment day for the after treatment in the clinic. The new particularly absorbent skin will receive the valuable active ingredients it needs. The new skin is not reddened, and the complexion appears considerably improved, clearer and younger.

It is necessary for the client to use sun protection for 6-8 weeks following the after the treatment. We have decided that the best thing is a combined sun protection product with a moisturizer and therefore made the optimum protection cream with a sun protection factor 20. Despite, recommend the client to abstain from intense sunbathing or four weeks after the treatment.

Individual regenerating ability of the skin in question.

It is, therefore, recommendable, to support the skin functions “from within” for a certain time following the peeling treatment. This includes for instance food rich in vitamins, sufficient fresh-air activities, reduced consume of cigarettes and other “negative delights”. Herbal teas, composed to suit the needs of the skin, will help to increase the success.

  • Anti aging treatment
  • Wrinkles, premature ageing of the skin
  • Skin impurities, acne, enlarge pores
  • Poorly circulated, tired skin
  • Sun damage skin
  • Skin discoloration
  • Striae (stretch marks from e.g. pregnancy)
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin of upper arms, thighs and belly
  • For general skin rejuvenation
  • Can be used on body and face